TOTK Steam Deck best settings so far (almost stable 30fps) incl. all mods

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  1. DLSS is a feature I am barely missing with my 1080. I hope it’s as hype as all say. Ty and gl to all!

  2. Got to powertools turn on frequency limits and move the minimum limit up to 3.5 and the maximum up to 3.5

  3. I can't state directly, but I am not sure it will make much of a difference. The game is currently very CPU intensive and my clocks are consistently pegged at 3500 mhz already.

  4. The latest two EA builds have given me all sorts of bizarre texture and lighting glitches. Reverted back to 3631 on my Deck and it's running beautifully again.

  5. Do you mean 3621? The latest 2 at this moment are 3631 and 3633.

  6. I just checked and I'd reverted back down to 3631 from 3634.

  7. Oh okay. Time flys in the world of EA updates 😂

  8. Testing this now on Steam Deck. Only managed to play on 3630 for about 30 mins lol.

  9. I played for about an hour on it. I had a good experience. Did you notice frame drops or stuttering? What do you mean it was not as good, if you don’t mind me asking.

  10. I only had time to watch half of it last night but so far I gotta say you guys did a great job. Before watching I was unsure of what to think and seeing random clips/comments concerned me about the message/structure but the transitions/topics are very cohesive and its a perfect entree into the world of "meme stonks" with an emphasis on GME. I can't wait to watch the rest of it and i'm excited to see what you brothers come up with next

  11. I’m so out the loop. What’s the name and where can I watch it

  12. I would get the 64gb and install the 1TB SSD. The cost will be around the same price as the 256gb depending on where you live / purchase the SSD.

  13. I dont think I want to do that. I know about the option. I live in central europe, so dont want to screw the deck.

  14. That’s fair. I stripped my screws and had to do an RMA. So I feel you.

  15. No idea. I'm not sure why everyone hangs onto power wattage all of a sudden. Nobody really cared about it with other handhelds before. I'm sure at equal wattage and resolution the Steam Deck will do better, but that's not what the particular comparison is about. In any case, if the SD subreddit is to be trusted, most of us are playing at home, close to a charger, anyway.

  16. ? That’s insanity. People def care about it. I love my deck but you can’t deny that the ally absolutely smokes the SD in performing when plugged in at higher wattage.

  17. 1.1.2 is a pretty minor fix IIRC. It makes sure a certain early quest works (though I did that quest before the patch and had no issues). It also removes some of the item duplication glitches. I personally only use fps++ and the xbox controller mod on 1.1.2 and the game works basically perfectly for me on SD. However, I don't know which mods you're using. I would say sticking to 1.1.1 is totally fine if you have a set list of mods and you aren't sure they will keep working if you update.

  18. Hey! I go to properties for TOTK. I change the resolution but I don’t have the checkbox. Any idea why? I’m running 3.5

  19. Ayyy any chance you can post your deck settings?

  20. So ok my question is that are we putting the vram settings in the bios to 4gb instead of 1gb now?

  21. There was an EA update that specifically fixed vram leak for steam deck

  22. false. compare performance between the two in the same areas. do it multiple times over if you want to confirm.

  23. So in your opinion 1gb is better or worse? Because I have tried both and I won’t lie - I didn’t notice much of a difference but it felt better, which could of been a placebo. So I’m looking for differing opinions, as my judgement is compromised haha.

  24. I’m confused. Is the black box item fixed? Do I still need the mod? Do I have to manually do something after installing this version to fix the black box? Any help would be appreciated as I would like to reduce the amount of mods necessary

  25. You need to disable asynchronous shader and remove cache storage, it's the new menu on 3621, not sure how much worse in performance if asynchronous shader is disabled.

  26. Ty! Any idea if I still need the mod? Not at home to test!

  27. Can some one explain like I’m five what the issues are in sky island and what LOD is? I have trouble paying attention to detail - I don’t know what’s “wrong” with the sky islands

  28. I'm not kidding or over exaggerating when I say I am getting 30 fps 90% of the time with barely any stutters and an infrequent loss of fps using this config guide linked below. It is, in my opinion, completely playable and enjoyable.

  29. Hey hey. Any updates on this with the new EAs and mods?

  30. Hey OP. Any updates on this post? Like what EA Version your using or if your using bc1/bc3?

  31. Maybe I’m dumb but I’m having trouble here. I went to yuzu in my library—> clicked options —> properties —> set resolution

  32. Tried all of these things, game still runs like crap.

  33. What’s your definition of crap? Stuttering and building shaders is normal than it should run 28-30 fps after. If your having issues and your sure you followed the guide correctly than delete your shader cache and rebuild them again which will cause much more stuttering until they’re built.

  34. Can we get similar level of performance without updating to 3.5?

  35. IMO, no. There is a problem before 3.5 that directly impacts yuzu. I believe it also fixes the SMT error in cryoutilities - but this one im not 100% on.

  36. https://reddit.com/r/NewYuzuPiracy/comments/13rlxa7/totk_yuzu_steam_deck_30fps_setup_new_settings/

  37. for me i can confirm that fps mods (30fps and fps++) give me stuttering so I dont have them

  38. Wait I’m so confused. FPS++ causes stuttering. I’m on the steam deck - would you mind linking the correct mods that can replace it? I didn’t know it was obvious for FPS++??

  39. my comment may have been a bit unclear i should clarify if youve got both CUTSCENE FIX and FPS++ in ur mods folder it'll cause issues because FPS++ includes the Cutscene fix already.

  40. Ty for the clarification. Yes I am using the fps++ 30 for the deck. To be honest so far so good! A little stutter in new areas but than it smooths out. Occasional frame drops but nothing crazy. However I am still on tutorial island. Should I expect garbage frames once I hit the glider and underground?

  41. Got married. Can now game on the couch with wife watching tv instead of in my dungeon leaving her alone. 👍

  42. Nothing stable in my experience with many peoples guides. They claim stable 30 fps if they turn the camera without running around but you’ll always get stuttering once you start moving. It’s def playable.

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