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  1. Aren't most Turks converted Greeks though? I am pretty sure the Turkic tribes are not very closely related to modern day Turkish people

  2. The ottomans directly come from nomadic Turks. Turkic tribes split to two branches of Üçok and Bozok. Turkic people whom migrated southwest to the current day caucuses, Iran, Turkmenistan and Anatolia formed the Seljuk Empire whom directly come from the Oğuz branch of Bozoks. When the mongols destroyed the Seljuk Empire, one of the tribes living in Anatolia (current izmit, bursa and bolu) named Kayı of the Oğuz conquered other beyliks and formed the ottoman empire. Greeks are in no way related to us Anatolian Turks.

  3. Yeah so no one can reproduce with people from other nations and tribes right? /s

  4. I was just talking about the founders, other than that yeah the ottoman empire was really diverse considering their huge amount of land expanding to 3 continents

  5. I'd like to remind you that the international name is Turkiye, not Turkey

  6. Well, Turkiye is how the turkish say it

  7. So I'm not talking about Turkish prononciation, but the official UN name.

  8. You will definitely get an event of:

  9. It actually is, I definitely remember a post like that

  10. Considering the only other options are ❤️, 😆, 😲,🙁, or 😡... yeah, I think I'm sticking with 👍 for 99% of my reactions.

  11. You can use any emoji now actually (on WhatsApp if that's what you mean)

  12. When you play Age of Empires 2 with your friend but you forgot to disable cheats

  13. Guess we all are gonna use Tor

  14. Just a shitty map of a publisher nothing to see here

  15. Yep As the guy who posted this I can confirm this is from a geography book.

  16. You know what's the weirdest thing in a sea of weird things? This is a Turkish map that shows the capital of Turkey as İstanbul. The capital of Turkey is not İstanbul. It's Ankara.

  17. oha8 says:

    Eu.When was this made?

  18. So I live in Turkiye, was in high school 9th grade.

  19. Thanks but I left the path of SAT because of the costs of international education. Its too expensive for me even with %80 internship.

  20. Technically speaking the international name is The Republic of Turkiye

  21. I love how terrified Jason Vorhees was of the Woodland Critters, and his effeminate voice lol

  22. You're spelling of Turkey makes me fully understand why people pronounce it that way. The more you know 🌈

  23. I mean it's the official name now. And everyone hates it being the same with the bird.

  24. Its not a room decoration, but maybe as a birthday gift this could work

  25. How could you insult his holiness

  26. SmItHiNg iS bAD. mUsT bE rEmOvEd fRoM tHe GaMe iMmEdIaTeLy. 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  27. Yeah this is some serious guide you got here. Lots of great books like college panda, Erica meltzer and stuff. You can definetely use it.

  28. When I talked to the test center they said that the tests didn’t reach the place and for that reason they canceled the exam And I live in turkey

  29. Yep, seen that one. He's my wife now in game.

  30. When in doubt, have Metallica

  31. If you don't want to send out your scores yet, you don't need to do anything. They won't send the scores until you've selected the recipients.

  32. The thing about these kind of questions is each one of the lines represent an equation. And the solution of a system of equations is a x,y value that can be a solution of the both of equations in the same time. Which means if you graph it, solution of a system of equations is the intersection of two of the lines. So in this case there is only one intersection which is the solution of it. Which means you will find the intersection of two lines and circle the answer with the coordinates of it.

  33. I recommend you start out by the panda books. They are (in my opinion) best starter books available.

  34. Also I forgot Erica Meltzer's books are very good too especially for the reading part

  35. But the thing is it STARTS to be released on May 20-21th (though not said on the college board Instagram page)

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