Belt fed shell ejection system

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  1. "He started making music when he was just sixteen years old. He managed to release 56 songs and 4 albums in two and a half years. To Nils, music was a part of life, it was as natural as eating, drinking and breathing. When Nils wrote songs he had a shimmer in his eyes and the words just fell into place.

  2. Not sure how well this song applys, but "In the city" by The Eagles reminds me of cyberpunk.

  3. I meant more WW1 focus, like adding the RSC 17 or MP 18. (Or something along those lines)

  4. Parrabelum 1908, Springfield 1903/lee Enfield pattern 17/ribeyrolles 1916/nagant m1895/martini Henry/m1907 SL/mondragon and that kinda stuff.

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