1. Friend, this is not what you're looking for. It should work by packing the cone, then lighting underneath with a jet lighter for a little bit till some vapour starts forming. But what you want a dry herb vape of a design closer to the Dynavape, which you have to light yourself, but works really well compared to this, or something like the Healthy Rips Rogue, or Arizer Solo or Mighty for one that heats itself.

  2. Thank you so much! Okay so the first way I was doing it was correct? I may have to pack it bigger cause I didn’t put much in (about half the cone) cause I was trialing it

  3. I have heard that 2 but sadly don’t know much about those. hope you figure it out tho

  4. It’s the shotty (or carb if you’re weird) put ur thumb over it and then pull your cone, when the cone either sinks or nothing left is burning, let off the shotty and pull harder to clear it

  5. If I had to guess, they’re playing at halftime during a footy game

  6. Yeah man, I’ve got the biggest soft spot for 31’s. Bigger then any car

  7. Looks like he could be in rural NSW which means he could easily get through 5-10 years without anyone noticing

  8. 🤫😂 honestly the cops in my town don’t give a flyin fuk about drivers, especially when it looks like their car belongs parked in an old lady’s driveway

  9. Well we’re you overly pushy to them to call you what you want to be called like they were saying?

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