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  1. Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) is a gas that’s denser then air and if you build something like this it can act like invisible water

  2. Yeah, it’s a very nice car but I’m after something more reliable for a P player car with a low income job

  3. Friendly Aussie Buds website owners house got raided and because they were in (I think) Queensland one of them got charged and eventually fined for having a bong despite being a legit medical patient so it may be dependent on the state you are in or how the cops feel on the day.

  4. Yeah, I know that here in Australia it’s still fully illegal in all states besides ACT where it’s decriminalised

  5. That’s crazy that someone ACTUALLY got a tattoo from James, 1 of 1 I have to guess

  6. Classic old school way of doing it. In the mix and you're off. Not the most effective way of doing edibles but definitely tried and tested method. Hope they go alright 👍🤙

  7. I didn’t think you could just mix buds with cupcake mix’s and that’s it? It wouldn’t of even gotten hot enough or enough time to release the thc properly? Let me know how it goes

  8. I personally love the new album, the 3 singles were soo good and when I listened to the rest of them I was jamming out really hard, imo I love this album.

  9. Upside down, the dividing line between the like and darker grey is switched on the other one

  10. The Karin Sultan but irl it’s an IS200 / Evo with mods from a Subie

  11. What the media wants u to think the average marijuana user is like

  12. It’s Ground Floor, aka lobby, it can also be written as just G for Ground

  13. Personally, I’d go engine, make it a fat sleeper, but do whatever car you like best because that’s what you’ll enjoy driving 😁👍

  14. It’s happened to me a few times, but only when I got really high, but now it’s gone and being high as fuck is the best

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