1. Wtf... so if you get deactivated, they get to keep your money?

  2. I posted an image that was removed by the moderators but bots now are making groups for Boss rush

  3. theyve been doing it for months, used to be demon12345

  4. Posting this since a lot of people still don't know that if you get a fighter title card it doesn't mean you did 29%, but up to 29% and I think the cut off is 5 or 10%. So you can have 11% and it is still a fighter while the same title for a different player can be 29%.

  5. Speaking of challenging, i forget is there any kinda of way to make the game harder (such as monsters having more hp and such?) I forgot, but last time i played with friend it was way too easy...

  6. I personally do not care for Overprimes direction. I was asking for the original Paragon (not overprime) and Predecessor comparisons. Movement speed, animations, effects and general feel come very close in Pred to how Paragon (not overprime) looked and felt.

  7. Overprime felt just like original paragon to me in terms of movement and such, with the addition of actual items unlike the card system. The one thing that I heavily disliked tho was how fucking fast all of the skill animations are for mages especially. impossible to miss unless you physically do.

  8. Did you notice you could backpedal down a lane as fast as your teammate could run facing forward? Did you notice theres basically no drop to Rampages rock. Did you notice there is no animation to gadgets sticky bomb from release to it landing? Its like there was some problem with projectile coding and making all skills click to confirm (to handle network issues). Its all of those little things that make it feel different.

  9. Kinda looks like the little one was sucking him off, and then he exploded.

  10. They only removed it for older accounts. New accounts still need phone verification

  11. not true. I bought overwatch 1, and I tried to play overwatch 2 with friends a few weeks after release. I still had to verify with a phone number. unfortunately I dont have a plan, so i had to pay $1 to buy a text sms verification

  12. I literally laughed out loud 🤣😭😂 It's impossible to take a tip back.

  13. not true, tho you have to contact support. they may not remove it from dashers

  14. Dont understand why people are upgrading this late. the amount of money it takes for +24 for +25 now is double what it would take you to get from +17 to +19 after brel patch... all just to have +25 weapon for like a month...

  15. Well the weapon will be last berl upgrade so 2 month and you will be high lvl after that so less honing afterwards. So it depends on how you look at it yes you can stay 21 but after the switch what if you pitty the next 2 upgrades while you can just pitty one more time. This is why I I am 2 1520 now so I can do all the gates day one and hone later when I have a stock pile of Matt's again.

  16. Pitying just makes it worse. If you didnt hone, you could instantly go exactly where you would be now after brel, and possibly 1 or 2 upgraded higher. go look at maxroll to see the crafting amounts, even with the 5x transfer rate you have a ton of excess materials to hone even farther. The only reason you would hone now is just to be stronger for the next month (or you are deep in artisans energy)

  17. I haven’t taken an image of them when it happens but it usually happens in clown for me. The mvp person gets cruel fighter and high stagger but I also have cruel fighter but with the underline.

  18. very interesting. so the MVP was chosen basically because he has another title i assume? (Tactician)

  19. Im not sure about your class, but you can pretty easily go 4x3 with relic accessories by just going 4/0-5/0 on each accessory...

  20. Should have about 2k when brel comes out, so 400 after transfer? hopefully ill get like 1-3 upgrades

  21. You only buy every gate if you need the Mats to craft/upgrade armor. If you dont, you should only be buying last chest

  22. The last box just gives you more honing material right?

  23. Important thing is fused leapstones, which give you possible free upgrades. people are saving them for when brel comes out to get free hones. However, if you want to buy the boxes and "gamble" on accessories, you can, as the leapstones you get from them typically cover the cost of the box as if you were to buy them from marketplace (depending on your server)

  24. Weird, i live like 5 miles south of anaheim and i didnt feel anything

  25. Nope, don’t even need deathless. Just have to clear!

  26. can it be placed in the grass area of stronghold or does it have to be in the trophy room?

  27. Nah its a trophy only for the trophy room. Same as you get a Valtan/Vykas for clearing it deathless

  28. but isnt there a seperate one that can be placed anywhere? thought i saw them in korea server they had them by feast place

  29. I am a juicer and I want to carry you. I will make the run extra fast because of the high DPS I do. But I don’t want to wipe over and over because someone doesn’t know the one shot mechanics.

  30. I saw the video. What i find odd is the owner of the luggage not seeing the cat is inside(it looked like a huge orange cat) when they were closing it. And that i guess it didnt make any sound? Bizarre but glad the cat is okay.

  31. I miss the good old days of printing out a guide from cheatplanet

  32. "Instead of agreeing that it's janky when it clearly is, let's all just tell him what he did wrong so we can act like we're better for overcoming jank design."

  33. Wrong or not it takes a few hours of practice to tell that he jumped too early and would get hit even tho it "looks" like he didnt get hit. Just sucks when that happens and you're like jumping over an edge and then instead of leaving you where you were, it teleports you back to where you started your jump (which is over nothing) so then u fall and die.

  34. Is surge better than remaining energy?

  35. Ive been consistently out dps'd by RE in turtles, but not in raids.

  36. This is nice, but is there any reason to ever go to someones manor?

  37. I upgraded +22 on my arcana yesterday. 93% artisan. F To w everyone reading this, stay 21, its not worth

  38. I agree. i also pitied +22, doing full juices every tap too...

  39. the terrain reminds me of pokemon snap, but somehow worse

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