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  1. It is not a fucking V, it is a fucking PEN, and that's why you're not worthy. /s

  2. Megan is not a good fit for the game. She throws clouds of red stuff randomly all over the place: what is the actual area her skills hit? how to avoid or guard also where is she since there's two of them?

  3. If everyone does it, who will you buy from?

  4. Pre order the raw one, no one will bother to invert if they are planing to sell a fresh drop.

  5. Yesterday at three G spawns I fell just under the map at the second one and started swimming. Barely made to third one to hit once with ESC ESC.

  6. Get earing, you can get the belt from this season, and you dont need another ring, you should get the pen jetina crecent.

  7. Im playing Succ DK on miru and star end, 274 AP seem fine

  8. Miru is definitely not high end for sometime and SE is barely.

  9. For future reference, you can go to a trade manager and see what appears on your sell list to the right to identify trade items.

  10. Succ Sorc is not where you left, it is way behind almost everything, try awk or some other class.

  11. This game has the best pve/lifeskill system I've ever seen. There's no trading though and some of it is a bit pay to win. There's so many avenues of making money it's silly and can be very over whelming because you want to try a bit of everything and some times the thing you love doing gets nerfed or something else gets such a huge buff that it over shadows what you enjoy.

  12. You mean there's no DIRECT exchange of items (apart from a few potion types) between players. But there's market place exchange, where you can't control who would buy your items. And obviously there's Trading Lifeskill, which is between player and the game NPCs for crafted or bought items from NPCs.

  13. Because there are more DK players, and you are in lower to avg brackets...

  14. The seasonal Tuvala gear including the accessories could be changed to permanent Tuvala versions (wearable by non seasonal chars). And out of these permanent Tuvala gear, only one piece of armor or weapon (not accessories) can be changed into boss version of it.

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