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  1. You only need a bank account to get points for purchases (receipts.) You can still do surveys, you just need a PayPal or Venmo.

  2. Glad you told me this bc I got so mad i deleted the app 😂 now that you said this I figured it out

  3. My favorite Lego set is the icons orchid even though it made me ready to punch the wall most times 😂❤️

  4. What's your favorite cream cheese? Mine is the original . Lol. And the onion and chive one.

  5. Good lord I’m glad I’m not the only one it’s like as soon as I’m out of the bus and as soon as I hit the ground everything gets all laggy and can’t do nothing.

  6. i knew he wears a 4X. she's lying because "it hurts her feelings" when he admits that he's big.

  7. i can imagine how he feels since i myself wear women's 2-3X, if my bf was making tiktoks and telling everyone i wear a size M or L (since drue tells everyone he's 3 sizes smaller than he actually is) i would be devastated

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