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  1. When did you receive this update? I'm still waiting for mine as I have a g-grandparent from Scotland.

  2. Yes, I was spanked with a belt (a lot) growing up. Once right from my sleep because I went to bed without cleaning up my room as a 5/6 year old. The last time was at 16 because I lost my house keys. Spanking is abusive & it’s a lazy on the part of the adult. Adults need to model the behavior they want their kids to learn. Adults also need to learn how to manage/regulate their own emotions. It’s not easy; it’s hard grueling work at times. Sadly, a lot adults take the “do as I say and not as I do” mentality with their kids. They get angry when their kids can’t regulate their emotions but if they can’t even do it as a fully grown human how can they expect a child to just intuitively know how? Instead of dealing with said emotions (which is hard work), they choose violence & fear inducing methods which might produce the results the adult wants in that moment but it is also creating trauma, and inhibiting the child from learning healthy coping skills & conflict resolution.

  3. I thought they did a really good job writing a nuanced and layered brother dynamic between Damon & Stefan (especially the 1st few seasons but it carried throughout the show). I became more invested in their story as brothers than I did the love triangle. Man, the episode where Damon 1st came back from the prison world & Stefan realizes his brother is alive… that scene had me in a puddle.

  4. She was previously dating Ryan Eggold so that’s the only reason I have awareness of her lol

  5. Started hand writing a chart though I’m fairly certain of one of the matches based on the promos 😉

  6. Yelling at the radio jockey for talking over a song you’re trying to record 😭

  7. I just did a whole series re-watch a few months ago and other than it being an arc that I intensely dislike I don’t remember the finer details. I think my brain tries to force delete it from my memory until I sabotage its efforts by watching the season again during my periodic re-watches 😂

  8. i feel like that happened to all of us 😭 we all had our brains trying to forget the travelers arc of season 5.

  9. Yeah, I think he has a right to be upset about some of the gross stuff the page has been putting out about him. The fact that they omitted “allegedly” several times can be grounds for him sue for libel (& possibly defamation if he is losing opportunities due to the claims). Basically, any response he had for the account should’ve been in the form of legal action.

  10. Looks like he may have deleted this tweet. He made a separate post about learning how to manage his emotions.

  11. I know it’s the season for miracles and all but er um… I won’t believe they’re together until I see it confirmed by Jawa & Nick themselves 😭

  12. Lol I for the life of me just can't hit follow. But you are doing a blessed service.

  13. Same here. I see that they threaten to go private so many times but I’m still not hitting that follow button 😮‍💨

  14. Melinda went live on IG today to address the stuff that was said. She understandably is not happy with Peter to say the least

  15. I think you’re being a little obtuse (intentionally or not) in your defense of these parties. The critique isn’t about how people are currently treated at the parties but that they are romanticizing an ugly part of American history. You keep using POC as if it is synonymous with the black diaspora and it is not in this case. I am going to speak specifically from the black perspective (mine) when I say that some of us still have older family members that are but a generation or 2 from slavery. I personally have living family members that were born into segregation and had to work in the cotton fields as children. Just because you are anyone else sees these parties as merely playing dress up does not divorce it from its painful history. Even if there are some black people that participate in these events, it still does not make it OK.

  16. That spoiler account is trash. They didn’t even know that Nick already tweeted that she and him are just friends. I saw the account on Twitter asking another user for proof that Nick refuted the dating allegations when it is easy to find the tweets clear as day if they looked on his Twitter account. All credibility was out the window for me when I saw that. 😮‍💨

  17. Tbh it looked like James puffy white jacket. Check the group photo.

  18. I know their friends but I don't really see men giving eachother lap dances like that so part of me thinks it's a coat pile lol

  19. My purely speculative guess based on nothing concrete at all is that Nick & Jawa are not currently dating 😭

  20. Now I’m really curious about when the season was filmed. I found other evidence in both Kayla’s and Seb’s sister’s London highlights that they were all hanging together as early as January this year. 🤔

  21. How is jawa toxic when she communicated Exactly what she was feeling and what she was doing the entire step of the way.

  22. I agree with your take here. Jawa handled everything with care, was honest, and communicative with Nick about her doubts. Also, in a separate note, Nick said some red flag things about his behavior such as how he tends to tap out of relationships at around the 3 month mark but it seems some people tend to gloss over that. Point being, although the show focused mostly on Jawa’s hang ups, Nick has them too and they both had/have work to do (as we all do as humans) to develop healthy relationships but the path to that isn’t always the smoothest and it doesn’t make it toxic when there is a bumpy road. What makes it toxic is how the bumpy road is navigated and from what was shown they navigated it well. Anyway, just my long winded way of agreeing with you lol

  23. Yup! I actually rewound to the wide shot after the winners were announced because I noticed she was straight faced while everyone else was smiling & clapping. By the comments that she would make about her & Seb being the strongest couple I think she was 100% certain they were going to win.

  24. Original. Fuck that spike lee remake.

  25. Def the original. Thought it was a good movie but um… it’s definitely a one and done for me. I appreciate the art but don’t need to see it again LMAO

  26. Hallway fight was dope af tho

  27. Why? someone on here said shes in London too but how she's not in anyones stories not one persons insta stories at all so I don't think she went to London w them.

  28. She def went to London. Don’t know if she’s still there. Her and James posted together a few days ago when she got there but that’s it. She mentioned on Twitter that she has been sick so I think that is partly why she hasn’t been out with them. I know I’m ready to get off this roller coaster but I keep reading about this mess 😩

  29. Keeping us guessing is an understatement! And I’ve NEVER in my life sleuthed like this before, this is so weird for me! 🤣 but I just noticed the girl in question deleted every single comment on his Instagram posts!? Like what is even going on here

  30. We have VERY similar percentages. Mine are 87.2% SSA, 10.4% European, 1.1% Indigenous American, .5% WANA, & .6% Trace

  31. I think he is pretty funny as well. I am not convinced that he is really into Britton romantically being that he doesn’t really spend time trying to get to know her (at least from what they’ve shown). It seems he is trying to make the best of the situation by providing comic relief & keeping everyone on track lol

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