1. I have a friend ball! Can I get the gold cap?

  2. If you still need a Gulpin or a Quaxly I'll take whatever you've got :)

  3. I can trade you a flutter mane for an iron hands!

  4. Okay that’s sweet, thanks a lot. What’s ur in game name? I’ll set up a link code right away

  5. That was super helpful, thank you so much!

  6. Hey! I have all 5 of those, if I could get them all back that'd be wonderful :)

  7. That would be amazing! When would you be able to help me out?

  8. Thanks for reaching out I'm glad I could help you with the last 3 you needed :)

  9. I'm free anytime, let me know what's good for you

  10. either works! I can trade right now, on 1414 1414

  11. thank you so much!! That Mark Charm is within my grasp!

  12. If you're able, get your test done through a driving school. They usually offer basic training so you get your recommended hours and then they will test you themselves. The DMV can be a lottery when it comes to who runs your test.

  13. For me it's a tie: Smart cars: I like the idea of the car being as long as it is wide, but it seems so dangerous, what if other people can't see you on the road? It seems like any collision will at least cripple you.

  14. I know your struggle exactly and what's worse is you aren't allowed to sound "rude" if they ask "can you explain this gap in your resume?". If you say "well, I graduated college but none of you are willing to hire someone without 20 years of experience in a program that hasn't even existed that long. We aren't shifting blame, we're all tired.

  15. Felt art is soooo much more then just a word

  16. JUST A WORD?! I love felt and it loves me aggressive wiggling

  17. That's the date on the prop in the actual show, MatPat has a theory explaining it if you're interested :)

  18. I know exactly how you feel, friend. My mother was extremely abusive and would always withold affection to keep me in line. As a result I have grown up to believe that if people show me kindness it's just a means to an end and that they'll abandon me once they've gotten what they needed (This often leads to me catastrophizing minor conflicts).

  19. You really do that sounds like exactly what's been going on rn - this actually helped me a bit thank you :) why no use betterhelp btw?

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