1. I know exactly how you feel, friend. My mother was extremely abusive and would always withold affection to keep me in line. As a result I have grown up to believe that if people show me kindness it's just a means to an end and that they'll abandon me once they've gotten what they needed (This often leads to me catastrophizing minor conflicts).

  2. You really do that sounds like exactly what's been going on rn - this actually helped me a bit thank you :) why no use betterhelp btw?

  3. Did he ever meet hitler in person or was everything done through message?

  4. As far as I know he never met him. He was not a high ranking official or anything

  5. Oh wow, so was your grandfather prominent enough that he would have gone on trial like many others did? I think iirc some nazi officers went on trial as late as the 90s. That is fascinating to me. I know you don’t think highly of your grandfather (which is 1000% valid) but you are close to a pretty unique piece of history there. I have a few letters and pins/patches from nazi Germany on display in my house, not because I support it but because that’s a huge part of history that I love learning and talking about. So I think that’s particularly awesome you donated his letters so other people like me can learn more!

  6. All I know of my grandfather comes from anecdotes from my mother and grandmother as well as my own digging. My grandmother was a child in Italy during the war so was largely oblivious to events, she did ask him what he did and he would reply "Sanitetzkor." and never elaborated, so she always assumed it meant ambulance driver. It wasn't until my mother released his ashes over the German Alps that his sister said "Did you know he was a Nazi?" that my mother and grandmother became aware.

  7. Guy in red is double-cheeked up for NO reason

  8. I am so relieved that you all have the same input as me. I was a victim of bullying when I was young and like many of you believed that the premise was an interesting introspection. NOPE!

  9. Thank you, I guess I am still trying to find myself, I’m still in school, I’ll try not to worry abt it as much until summer brake

  10. Take your time :) I hope you get all the support you need/want. I find it easiest to describe my identity as gender apathetic. Like none of it makes sense and I don't care to participate.

  11. That’s all right, I constantly get asked if I’m gender fluid because of my pronouns but I don’t feel comfortable with gender fluid

  12. A close friend of mine thought he might be gender fluid but after a while he realized he's just a cis guy who loves dresses. He began feeling dysphoria when referred to as a woman, and eventually figured himself out 😀

  13. Okay so my criteria differs (and I can't make a decision to save my life) so:

  14. I'm not an expert but I had a similar experience when I started Zoloft. I told my psychiatrist about it and she offered to change the dosage or the Rx as a whole. Then I started having similar nightmares while awake. It turns out it was my CPTSD.

  15. That's fascinating! I legitimately didn't know any of that, thank you for the information!

  16. Yessss! I love the baroque paintings where they don't know how to paint babies or cats!

  17. “He woke up, saw London on fire, decided it wasn’t his problem and went back to bed” dude same- but also again I love your explanation of things 😂

  18. I'm glad I made you laugh and yeah, it do be like that sometimes 🤣

  19. Flashback is often confused with intrusive thought. As your therapist has said, a true PTSD flashback can seem very real.

  20. Thank you for the recourses! I'm glad that in addition to my therapist I have found such an understanding group of people on Reddit and TikTok! I'm in the process of trying to move cities because everyone here knew my Mom and by extension the mask she wore. It's painful to hear people attempt to comfort me by saying how good of a person she was. I don't have the heart to tell them that the person they are talking about was never real.

  21. I have a friend who loves it and I've seen it 😅

  22. Hi - would you do a magmarizer for a Spinda?

  23. Hey man, sorry I already traded with someone else for a weedle

  24. I’ve got a weedle and a sand shrew Do you have an elekid and a caterpie

  25. So. My boss had told me that they were going to contract me, so they would tell me when they needed something they would call me and pay me an hourly rate. This did not happen. I sent messages in for months asking if they needed anything and they never indicated that they needed anything nor that I was fired, but in the letter I received my ex-boss informed me that they have contracted a company that they used to work with. So they haven't "replaced" me but they have contacted elsewhere.

  26. 😔 Thank you for hearing me out at least

  27. Oh my gosh, the whole scheduling therapy around when they won't be there! I'm 32greyF, and had to move back home due to health issues. All my therapy is about the abusive parent so I make sure it's either during their working time, or I do it in my room with the washing machine outside my room on 🙄

  28. When I finally had a psychiatrist meeting, we were talking about my depression and what anti-depressants might help, just as my psych suggested ProZac, my Mom came home from work and I had to start typing because I didn't want my Mom to hear me say "I can't take ProZac because my Mom thinks it will kill me" (Context: When my cousin was young she was being abused by her mother which manifested as bulemia and depression, so she was prescribed Prozac and her depression became more severe. For the record my mother was comparing the biochemical reaction of this med in a malnourished, anorexic, 12 year old girl to me, a 21 (at the time) 201lb enby 😒

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