Farm herd Casper, who faced off 11 coyotes and killed 8 of them. He was missing for two days right after which they believed he was tracking the remaining coyotes and finishing the job. His vet sad was lucky to be alive and his owner said he will have him retire from herding.

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  1. I think you look better in the second and 6th pic (the one with the red lipstick) and you look good in black, so I can see why some would say that. But maybe try deep autumn colors if you think you are warm? Or maybe neutralish? The coral makeup looks a bit off to me…you have great features btw!

  2. It is a question, are you unable to answer ? Then move on.

  3. It’s incomprehensible. Everyone is unable to answer a question when you don’t word it in a way that makes you understood. But I’m sure it’s trash so fix it or don’t, but your thin veil of arrogance isn’t coming close to masking that desperation and insecurity lurking under there, fyi.

  4. My pyr has a tiny amount of komondor in her! It's so rare people even know what they are!

  5. Grew up with a Komondor and no one ever knows what they are when I mention it! EVER.

  6. I know, but as long as that selective breeding is personality traits rather than weird aesthetics or inherent health problems - herding dogs or retrievers are good examples - then doing that thing is pretty hard wired and is what they want to do. Watching a greyhound at full pace or a collie rounding up my niece and nephew is pretty cool I think

  7. Or my cattle dog giving distrusting side eye glances to strangers and nipping at the heels of other animals.

  8. Thank you for this… I’m worried. If I do this at home — could I be able to pass it off as a miscarriage? I’m assuming I’ll be bleeding and eventually the fetus will be pushed out. By then will I be able to maybe call my dad, say I’m bleeding and I think it’s a miscarriage, and then the hospital will take care of the rest?

  9. You definitely wouldn’t want to call your dad early into it but you could tell him your bleeding after a while and show him proof, then say someone is picking you up to take you to the hospital and pretend to go, and then come home. Don’t go if giving yourself an abortion is something that would get you in trouble in your country.

  10. Having the water to use as a weapon wasn't the issue. It's that she lured Azula over the grate in order to freeze her in place. It was a trap. That's how she had to win. What are you not understanding?

  11. But for some reason you are assuming the entire fight plays out the exact same way with Katara in on it from the beginning? It’s a whole different battle with both of them fighting Azula

  12. I am also surprised by them and agree with the summer comment here!

  13. I must say that I love my Stanley cup, lol. I don’t care who is promoting it, I genuinely love it.

  14. Stanley is a BIFL brand, I have 2 thermoses that are years old and I am positive I won’t find anything that insulates better. It is a good quality brand that happens to be trending right now, but it’s a classic!

  15. Probably, which I stupid cause I don't like make up and shopping but I still have plenty in common with my co-worker who loves both.

  16. Right? I love makeup and shopping, but also fantasy novels and skydiving and hiking and spiders and dogs and so on….it’s almost like traditionally feminine interests don’t exclude someone from being a multi dimensional human….

  17. When looking at the link you posted, that dress is lined in a very flattering way to give the illusion of a smaller waist. The one you tried on is fully lined, so that’s probably why it’s not giving you the intense hourglass you might have expected, and that your mom is seeing in the dress she likes. But even fully lined, it looks so beautiful on you!! If you were to order it with only the lining that’s shown in the link, I think your waist line would be even more accentuated than the one your mom loves! I think you look so beautiful in both, but just wanted to point that out! At the end of the day, you should get what makes YOU feel most beautiful!!

  18. I understand the point you are making but in this specific instance I don’t think the commenter was being at all transphobic. Lumping in their comment with other genuinely transphobic rhetoric does a disservice to the actual fight against transphobia and muddies the waters. For the same reason this post is obvious rage bait.

  19. Is it just me or is the drawing awful? I'm glad it made her smile though.

  20. It’s not just you. I thought it was downright insulting…is this video satire?

  21. The rest of the area isn’t exactly an oasis though. Not sure a visible tower would have really brought the aesthetic that much lower

  22. No they have bigger spiders in Australia. Namely the huntsman spider

  23. Actually the Goliath bird eater is the worlds largest spider

  24. So unpopular vote here. I don’t think it is a bedbug. I believe it’s just a Brown marmorated stink bug. I have these around where I live a lot and that is what I thought of first when I saw this. Look at the antennae it doesn’t resemble a bed bugs. Also it appears like the legs are a lot longer. Op do you still have this bug, can we see the top side?

  25. When I first saw it I thought so too, but when I zoomed in closer it is definitely bedbug. It looks like a stink bug from afar because of the way it’s body is positioned.

  26. Yeah it’s just redness. You only have to worry about streaks if you have an existing infection, which would be very obvious beforehand. Looks mildly irritated, see a doc if it persists and you are concerned :-) best of luck.

  27. I wish more women felt the same otherwise size matter question wouldn’t be a thing

  28. Get good at sex. Use toys. Do research (that isn’t porn, porn is NOT going to teach you to pleasure a woman.) If my current partner lost his dick in a terrible accident, I am 100% sure sex would be fine without it…that is how little it matters if you actually care and know what you are doing pleasuring a woman. Also…if you really needed to practice to get your confidence up, you could pay a prostitute and tell them you are trying to lean and practice pleasuring a woman and ask for their help and feedback. But you are going to have to work on your insecurities first and foremost…insecurities kill good sex.

  29. 3!! I think both 2 and 3 are equally flattering on you so it’s going to come down to a matter of taste. I think that 3 is a little more niche so it is not going to be for everyone but I LOVE it!

  30. Who is obsessed with hating Meghan Markle…whenever I see someone who hates her I know all I need to know about them.

  31. Seriously…and I do want to note there are random lurkers on this sub just waiting to pick fights against any mention of racism. 🙄 so annoying.

  32. Yes, a lot of incel types trying to scout for women they consider attractive in subs like this (where fitness or fashion or makeup are the focus…) disgusting

  33. If you end up selling, I would like second dibs after the first commenter please :-)

  34. The cellar spider here has been a bro and taken care of the scarier one for you! Cellar spiders are one of the best bros you can have in your house! They eat poisonous spiders and lots of other pests, they chill in one spot basically forever so you don’t have to worry about where they are, and they have a non-menacing appearance with their skinny legs and tiny bodies! You don’t have to worry about these guys, come back and clean up the big spider carcass in a few days maybe.

  35. In the picture you can’t really tell but this is definitely different than dyshidrotic eczema which I do have. This is much bigger redder and came on quickly the first one came on and went within 10 hours. And it doesn’t itch. My eczema rash does not manifest like this. Mine cluster and the bumps are a lot smaller in comparison and it takes weeks to go away. They also aren’t usually red like this until I’ve had it for a while. Plus they both popped up in the same spot on my joint but different fingers.

  36. Dyshidtptic eczema can be singular painful blisters on fingers as well as a more rash like appearance. My rheumatologist explained this to me because I have exactly the same thing as you on my hands periodically, often when I’m in a flair. I’m obviously not a doctor but what you pictured and described sounds exactly the same as what I experience.

  37. Bumblebees are already disappearing and I am beyond worried I won’t see them this next year. I can barely handle that reality emotionally….I don’t think I want to be around to see the rest of them go.

  38. I came in to have a hole repaired when I snagged my aligns on some wood. I didn’t realize they can’t fix holes outside of the seams but it made sense so I was about to leave when they offered to replace them! I was very grateful and certainly didn’t expect it. I hope some people’s greed doesn’t stop other people from having an experience like this, made me an even bigger lulu fan!

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