1. I thought it was going to be a Yu-Gi-Oh duel when they had those cards on the table

  2. I would just stop talking to her about the show. Don’t even give her the satisfaction of talking about the show or ending when you do finish it. She ruined it for you so she doesn’t deserve the chance to discuss it with you anymore

  3. Did he though? He definitely brought some size and style to the PG position, and I'm sure that influenced future generations. But Steph changed the game on such a fundamental level. Because of Steph, Centers aren't as vital anymore. Think about that for a second... He singlehandedly caused a techtonic shift in the most popular sport in the world!

  4. I thought Steph made 3 point shooting more important that changed the game. But I thought it was the Warrior's success with small-ball lineups that made traditional centers irrelevant

  5. Without Steph, I don't think the Warriors have success with small-ball lineups. Alternatively, I do think Steph has success with any team. Steph's gravity is the greatest ever for a perimeter player. He makes all his teammates look way better than they are.

  6. Small-ball lineups existed before the Warriors. The Warriors just did it better because Steph’s gravity stretched the floor even more. I don’t necessarily disagree with you I’m just saying Steph changed the game more with the 3 pointer than small-ball

  7. Kidd and Law's pirate crews can't compete against a yonko's crew or grand fleet. You need advance haki, future sight, and some giants at this point

  8. This movie was too cringey and Wonder Woman in the end was too random.

  9. Give the man some respect. Wiggins is a human being not some product that needs to perform for your entertainment. If he can’t play because of personal reasons he can’t play. There are more important things in this world than basketball

  10. Yeah but I don’t see the problem with that. Making a new dilemma is basically the formula for most sequels

  11. Maybe not to fans of the franchise but they are to companies wanting to make movie off of sequels

  12. Money management. I like spending money and don't have much saved up compared to people same age and career as me.

  13. It's good, it's enough to pay the bills. Not the highest paying job in my field but it is easy and not stressful. Which I think is way better than getting paid more but feeling a lot more miserable.

  14. At what point do they realize they don’t have to settle for only 3 point shots

  15. The other day I was deciding between two players, since I could only add one. I went with the player that could give me more 3's which I needed at the time. I lost the quarterfinal match by one steal that the other player could have gotten me while I ended up winning 3's easily and didn't need the player I had added instead.

  16. ...Unless she's speaking in euphemisms.

  17. Break up with me. In hindsight my ex was a bitch and my current girlfriend is a keeper

  18. I didn't even watch the game, but I know all they did was chuck 3's in the last few minutes of the game

  19. WCJ would be perfect but why would the Magic trade their 23 year old starting center on an excellent contract for Jordan Poole?

  20. I don’t know it would have made more sense if they still had Mo Bamba since they would have too many bigs. Maybe if we threw in a FRP

  21. Except Bamba is not a starting caliber 5 and Carter is. They're a rebuilding team and a solid young center on a great contract is not something they're going to trade away. Not for Poole at least.

  22. Hey man I don’t disagree with you. I’m just saying I’d trade Poole for him if the Magic are willing to do that trade

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