1. I work from home as well and have been using the tv during times I need to focus. I have been doing this since he was 4 months old. Now 20 months, he enjoys his tv time but will actively choose coloring, reading, playing with his toys, outside play or an outing in the car over the tv. I don’t see the harm in it especially since you are working from home while watching your child. The moment my son gets upset and throws a TT (temper tantrum) over the tv being turned off, is the day I will start limiting and regulating screen time.

  2. Mine shipped yesterday. I’m worried that the stated products during the time of purchase won’t be in the bag since it shipped so late. I was hoping for the Tatcha.

  3. It wouldn’t be unlike ipsy to send bags with different products that were stated when purchased. Should have taken a screenshot 😬

  4. I feel you. Laying here with my 20 month old with a raging ear infection and croup. 2 ER visits in the last 72 hours and I’m sick AF too. He threw a tantrum while trying to give medicine and caused himself to throw up several times while biting me. I ended up yelling at him to calm down. Hate being that parent. When is this virus season going to end?!

  5. ER visit this morning for croup. Hoping we can avoid Covid and RSV but my city is in a state of emergency for both, which is probably common everywhere else this winter. Sending healthy vibes!

  6. "Whats going on up there? Im getting complaints about a woman crying hysterically."

  7. “I’m not crying, you should stop crying”

  8. When life gives you lemons, just say fuck the lemons and bail.

  9. I consistently eat the food that my 19 month old will chew on then spit out and hand to me. By the time he is finished with his meal, I’m full. I also use my shirt or sleeve to wipe his boogers when I don’t have a tissue available. This is my life now.

  10. If you can, post on Nextdoor and/or Ring neighbors!

  11. We FaceTime with family members daily since birth. My son is now 1 1/2 and he knows who everyone is even though he has only seen them in person a couple times. Moderation is key. I think it’s a great way to stay connected and helps with face recognition.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience!!

  13. Of course. As a first time mom, my best advice would be to not be too hard on yourself. I wanted to do zero screen time, independent sleep, stopping breastfeeding after a year, etc. but after 19 months, I’m sleeping in my sons twin bed with him, still nursing him 4-5 times a day and he enjoys his favorite movies while I WFH. So many times I would be so upset because all the things I didn’t want to do I was doing. But in the grand scheme of things, he is the happiest most loving boy and very healthy, both physically and mentally, even with the screen time.

  14. Almost got me with the Skylar Duo Rollerballs. But I held strong. Wallet safe tonight.

  15. Seconding Ground Kontrol in Portland and Grand Central Lanes. I actually had a small birthday celebration at the Vancouver mall arcade, that was super fun, also had a “what I wore in middle school” theme.

  16. I worked for John Crawford at Stahancyk Kent & Hook P.C., in Portland. He is an amazing estate planning lawyer and they have a great CPA in the office as well. DM me for a referral and any questions you have on the firm.

  17. Pulls my hair when she’s happy. I know it’s not intentional, she just turned 4 months, but it’s ALWAYS my hair. She will drop whatever is in her hands and go for my hair when she’s excited about something.

  18. That’s how my head was for the first 6 months PP, it was awful! Any tug or pull on my head left my scalp throbbing leading into a massive headache. So if that’s your norm, I truly sympathize 😭

  19. My son started doing this very aggressively around 6 months. We eventually learned it was his “party boy” dance. He’s 18 months now and does it while he dances. I think it’s just her way of expressing happiness!

  20. It’s the best! He’s obsessed with basketball so whenever he makes a basket it’s a party boy dance party. Every. Time.

  21. What did you not like about the kate somerville goat milk cleanser?

  22. I was really looking forward to it since I have very dry and sensitive skin. But it was almost too gentle? Like it didn’t feel cleansing. Definitely moisturizing though. I ended up using it as a second cleansing step and that was lovely. Same goes for the murad, way too gentle, and had major issues with pilling.

  23. Stars of the bunch were the Unicorn Glow primer and Glassy Skin Balm. Everything else was pretty average, and would not repurchase.

  24. There’s a food truck right by Brothers Cascadia brewery in Hazel Dell, WA. Like a 20 minute drive from Portland. It’s called La Oie (La Wah) Cajun cuisine. They have amazing battered and fried monte Cristos.

  25. Just looked at her most recent comments and she admits that she smoked while pregnant and has no connection with her son. God I hope this is a troll, if not, I hope husband takes son and never lets her see him. Poor kid.

  26. lol you’re reposting this shit after you got an IMMENSE amount of responses the first time you posted it. no one told you what you wanted to hear and all you did is double down and defend your terrible choices. you are fucking insufferable. your (ex) husband is making the right choice. you’ve tried posting this multiple times, you look stupid as fuck. instead of trying to get sympathy on reddit for the problems you’ve brought upon yourself go to a THERAPIST.

  27. Don’t think a therapist would even be able to help. Just check out OP’s post history.

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