1. Actually thank you for this comment, I underestimated my custom silicon cable set. I managed to get them bent properly. I updated main comment with more pics !

  2. I tought so.. seen many Formd T1 builds with 4090fe and there is tight turn too and silicon cables allways helped

  3. I ordered my A12x120 fan and try to do it too. Not for better thermals but for lower noise. I have Corsair LPX ram so i will try cut fan to fit

  4. If you turn your L12s like noctua recommend s then you dont have to underclock cpu

  5. Quite happy with where I landed in terms of performance/case volume ratio. Hopefully those results can help others. Feel free to ask any questions.

  6. I have asrock z690m itx with 12600k and L12s. Heatpipes down it thermal throttled after 3 minutes in CB R23, then mounted heatpipes to right and never goes above 77c in cb R23. With L12s heatpipes direction makes big difference

  7. Thanks for the info! Those temps sound perfect. I have my 5600x undervolted so it should see similar temps to you.

  8. I have custom lenght unsleeved cables from him. Quality is super and set cost 45 bucks

  9. Thanks for the info ! Its important for me to know how to position the cooler (l12s) in the asrock motherboard (in order to avoid clearance problems). All in all, the way you have the cooler installed in your motherboard is what I will also do in my future build . Again, thank you for your time !

  10. It helped a lot man ! Thank you ! I might go for iQunix zx-1 case , which has 70mm of cpu cooler height clearance, just like your case. So I will build the same specs as you in the same orientation, but in different case . When it comes to ram , I will just use my ddr4 kingston fury low profile and if I come to a problem with height clearance , I will just remove the ram heatsinks to make the rams lower in height. DDR4 ram sticks , especially close to 3200mhz, have no problem working without heatsinks. Anyway, I appreciate your effort friend. You really helped me !

  11. Glad to hear! Thats a cool awesome case, i looked that one myself too, but decided for formd t1 if i dont manage to get FE gpu i can fit bigger cards. Have fun building!

  12. L12s is more then ok for 5600x. I have 12600k with l12s in formd t1 and it runs 55-60c in games and 78c at cb23

  13. Hey. I have 12600k with asrock z690m itx and r23 multiscore is ca 17260. Dont know is it low or high

  14. Any update on this & how well it works for the 12600k? Planning on buying this for my fathers computer & his 12600k. I have another 120m fan I am planning on putting on the top with the stock fan on the bottom too. He does fairly intense work with not-that-intensive software. The next best option is the Noctua NH-C14S, but that seems massive, overpriced, and maybe a waste of money if the L12s works fine.

  15. Nice! That's a dope build! The tolerance for the heatsink looks tight haha! Someone on another post mentioned the NH-U9S would be a good option So I think we are going with that one though. We are building in a Mini-Tower Case(Versa H17). I wanted to go with a NH-U12s, but it would be 4mm too tall lmao. So I figured a top-flow cooler would be the way to go, but the NH-U9S Tower fits fine. It has a slightly higher NSPR rating than the L12s & we can push the air straight at the exhaust fans now too. Thanks for the response though, I'm glad it's working for you!

  16. I cutted down l12s heatsink fins to fit it look picture 2. Np have fun building!

  17. Kui hetkel barreli hinda googeldada näitab et 7% langend ja odavam isegi kui eile

  18. Hi dont know where you are located but if you manage to get that 3080, ill gladly take the 3060ti of your hands :) been looking for a GPU, but having a hard time.

  19. Hey. Iam located in europe but if i manage to get 3080fe this 3060ti goes to my brother.. sry.

  20. Hey. Its titanium with silver mesh panels. Could not order it other way. Would have liked all titanium

  21. You are fortunate to have a motherboard that allows this configuration. I applaud your solution; however, I had to use the smaller 92mmx25mm fan but even *THAT* collided with my VRM/NVME STACK/ETC in my ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-I mini-itx motherboard.

  22. Hey. I think i have seen your post in reddit :) first plan was to build with gigabyte z690itx but learned that doesn't fit l12s. Started look for another boards. Learned that asrock z690m itx will fit it and yhen waited month or two when it was back in stock

  23. Amen on waiting a month or two for the right stuff. It’s worth the wait though. To be absolutely honest, my case was the Louqe Ghost S1; so may be a combination of my Strix board and the case that did it for me.

  24. Last year was a waiting game :) took me couple of months to get formd t1. Got it in july. Then took me 4 month to get 2 slot nvidea FE GPUfor MSRP. When got that almost 2 months to get mobo but now its ready :)

  25. Hi everyone, spec update for me, moving from an Aorus Z390i + 9700K to 12th Gen.

  26. Can confirm tried myself. Turned case so heatpipes are on recomended orientation and cinebench max 77c and no more thermal throttle. My mobo asrock z690 itx fits to mount it that way but need to remove side strud from case formd t1 . Maybe some other boards have cpu socket lower.

  27. If you look at the screenshot, you'll see that it's rougly 115 at stock

  28. Mine with asrock z690 itx pulling 124.3w in cinebench at stock settings.

  29. just editted my comment with more temp info!

  30. Have you tried re mount? Turn the cooler as noctua recommend? Saw one guy reported 77c max at cinebench with 12600k and L12s Ghost edition cooler in noctua recommend settings

  31. Oh man this is interesting : just flipped my case and can now run Cinebench multicore at 71C !

  32. Glad to hear! When i get back home monday i try to flip cooler to the side orientation. On my mobo it fits but have to remove side trud. If that makes temp better i go that way. To the side is noctua reccomended orientation too

  33. cause cinebench is a worst case scenario and would never be a same as playing a game. But when I run cinebench I crank my fans and aio up to full blast, helps a ton. see if that works

  34. Yeah def sounds like bad mounting pressure, take it off clean everything and reassemble with new paste and see if things get better, the voltage is very low. My i5-10600k doesn’t get your temps with higher voltage (I run 1.36v llc 4 asus and staying at 85C) with same air cooler

  35. Use HWinfo64 to check your CPU power consumption.

  36. Pl1 is 125w and pl2 is 241w in asrock bios. Looked at intel page and it claims pl2 should be 150w. May my ptoblem be there?

  37. wow, can the L12 Ghost Edition really handle the 12600K with an undervolt? Without going down on clockspeed and keep it at stock? I see the 12600K runs around 125-150W, while my i7 8700 only runs around 70-80 watt with undervolt, but still gets pretty hot on a black ridge v2 with a A12x15 :) It is around the 80-85 after 30-40 minutes in COD:Warzone

  38. Iam on 12600k and noctua nh L12s in formd t1. Cpu at idle 30c, in game max i have seen 62c, but when cinebench 100c after 3 minutes

  39. I found the is-60 evo to be a better choice. I have a nh-12s ghost edition and my prime95 temperature was over 90 degrees Celsius but the evo keeps it about 80. I use a Formd T1 which is well ventilated. I replace the fans with Noctua fans. I also used an Asrock Z690m itx/ax

  40. Got pc up and running . With noctua l12s idle temps is ok about 28 but when cinebench r23 went over 97c what is too hot. Iam thinking maybe there is something with mobo. One guy at reddit cooled is 12600k with noctua l12s ghost edition and reports temp 77 at cinebench r23 and he uses msi z690 mobo in formd t1

  41. Got my mobo and pc ready in formd t1. Noctua nh L12s cleared ran and all heatsinks, but in noctua recommend position needed to remove case side strudbar. Havent tested system yet but in idle cpu temp is 27c fan at 600 rpm

  42. H670M ITX/ax just showed up on US Newegg for $169, but it's currently listed as sold out. I suspect it will be available soon.

  43. Its been listed there for a while. But that dont help me, iam from Europe :)

  44. One UK site said back on stock at 31 january. Maybe i will wait. Found one z690m itx on sale my country but its 240 euro

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