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When you come across a feel-good thing.

I'm in this with you.

An amazing showing.

I needed this today

When laughter meets percussion

[Happy crab noises]

Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

When the love is out of control.

  1. I can only speak from my experience over the last 7 weeks, but I've never been so stable. I have MDD, ADHD, PTSD, coworker insists I'm autistic. Anyway, the first 2-3 weeks I experienced a state of confusion and a kind of High, as well as euphoria. This has diminished entirely since week 4, headaches briefly around then, and I'm currently dealing with elevated blood pressure, likely due to my weight and lack of exercise. Diet is important on this medication from what I've experienced, so try to hydrate throughout the day and take the medication with a meal. I've been taking a single dose in the morning, and although I do experience a constant minimal kind of brain fog, my memory has improved significantly, my attention is better, my social skills have also improved, and my anxiety has lessened significantly except in highly stressful situations, which is likely due to high blood pressure. My depression is gone while my dose is working. My sleep has improved. My intrusive thoughts are manageable, and it's easier to work through my traumas and I feel like I'm making progress for the first time in my life.

  2. My dr just prescribed me this today. I haven't been depressed in years, just started treatment again for anxiety, add, ptsd and xanax as needed works fine. I'm worried because I already have issues with high blood pressure that my pcp is trying to get under control. And every other anti-depressant has made me feel depressed and more anxious. I don't know if I should try it if it will make my blood pressure worse... should I even try it if I'm not depressed?

  3. Okay I'm really not trying to be rude or offensive when I ask this, but is this a white people thing? My in-laws are like this. Dinner time around their house is so frustrating because they'll just make a meat sometimes and nothing else and expect everyone to get full on just that. Like how?? You need more??

  4. Not in my house! I was too stunned to speak when she was like... uhhh... mashed potatoes. Lmao.

  5. The participants this season are delusional, self-centered, tone deaf and delightfully focused on fulfilling their carnal cravings. It’s about damn time 90Day gets back to the Fornication Follies that built the franchise into today’s juggernaut

  6. I like her now. She owned that conversation. "You will have the most FABULOUS divorce" 😆

  7. For real! I think she handled the conversation better than most would have, especially after the threats stated. Screw him.

  8. If I was race focused, I would’ve sounded off on that incredible amount of white men going to Latin countries.

  9. But everyone else that replied to your "observation" were "missing the point"

  10. I told my husband when we were watching that it looked like they were "creating content" and not actually having a wedding. I knew it!

  11. Oh, my petty ass is going to be her negativity now. Haha, currently using another account to message every single person commenting that they’re interested in her brushes where to get it cheaper. 🙃

  12. I live for this kind of petty. It's not trolling if it's facts. I think she got the Alibaba idea off TikTok 😆

  13. Lmao. Same, but Heartland. Pretty sure all TTs are made of cardboard.

  14. Sorry, I retract a last comment. You don't live in your mom's basement you live next to her in a field with no hook ups. I'd be pissed too about pooping in a bucket.

  15. hey Dinyell, this may come as a shock to u, but not everyone lives in a trailer they own. lol, loser.

  16. Funny you deleted all of your tiny penis questions... if you are that concerned I suggest you consult your nearest grapefruit. They probably won't have answers but they might be somewhat satisfied.

  17. As soon as A STRONG WOMAN stands up to you on the internet you back down. Like I said, Micro dick energy.

  18. My problem is you are disrespectful to women and you also put two spaces between your words and comas. You fucking weirdo.

  19. They definitely knew he had a knife. He was swinging it around.

  20. They did not know that Dapper had a penis fighting in the background even though he was swinging it around. Witnesses say it was too small to distinguish between pinky finger or micro penis.

  21. Imagine your life purpose is to shit out a bunch of kids.

  22. Imagine living a depressing life and having to shit on women to make yourself feel alive enough to make it to the next meal

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