1. Because whenever I search them on the Internet I never see any articles for anything negative whatsoever


  3. Ingredients says cannabis oil, and hemp derived terps and that’s it

  4. Oregon is the ONLY state to require additives to be listed on the packaging. Your box is gonna say different.

  5. I think you're mistaking the death of brain cells and lung damage for getting baked. There's a good chance that these are prefilled from China/HK/etc.

  6. Probably because you smoked infused flower, the infusion is done a mass scale so not all of the buds are coated equally so a small amouny of buds are not getting infused at all resulting in some of these altnoid flower products to be duds

  7. bro i really doubt they would do anything but spray distillate on them.

  8. this kids got a bright future ahead of him.

  9. I've had carts that taste like piss, so just wondered.

  10. I think most of the pot grown here is high-grade mids to top shelf, but it goes through so many hands and 'procedures' (sometimes remediation unfortunately) that we end up with a product on shelves that is most of the time dry and 100% overpriced.

  11. Likely not this time, but make an effort not to buy bullshit carts.

  12. Have none of you people smoked before medical was legal in Ohio?????? I started off smoking some of the shittiest brickweed you've ever seen in your life ain't never hurt me everyone makes such a big deal over everything

  13. Even in the 10's I only had access to reggie with green seeds.

  14. It’s only for pre employment. Get hired then test positive for THC 6 months later you’re fired!’

  15. Since Covid hardly anybody drug tests beyond the pre-employment test, if you even have that.

  16. That's a METRC QR, for dispensaries to easily scan. These don't have lab tests on them.

  17. these hit harder than any stiiizy pod, plug n play or anything

  18. Yeah, comparable to any 80+ distillate it's just as good. Those brands make live resin and rosin that shits on distillate lol. Verano live resin would probably taste like a hay barn.

  19. These are recent, have only seen a few strains in dispos.

  20. Looks like the result of a night of slamming beer.

  21. Please don't risk your health for a high.

  22. Yeah I know lol. It’s fucking hysterical. People get big mad when you let them know that instead of paying 70 bucks a gram for some rosin that’s only 70ish% THC we can grab an entire 8th of some live rosin that doesn’t have a THC potency cap for 120.

  23. I get absolutely ridiculous live rosin disposables from a certain grower in Michigan. It's better than any rosin we have in Ohio and probably better than most in Michigan dispos. Only costs me $40 for a .5. That's when I took a step back and realized this program is a joke for medical users.

  24. It’s like $46 a pod for .84g of GO when you get a 3 pack not on sale. On sale I got a 3 pack for $112. How is $40 for a .5 a better deal? Plus I live in Harrison Ohio and I already drive 50 miles round trip to the dispensary.

  25. The .5 of rosin gets me much further than any full gram cart I've tried in this program.

  26. I've come across a big dick officer that pulled me over coming home to Columbus from Athens. I was totally sober. I hadn't even smoked in days and I can't even remember how long it has been since I had a drink it was so long. He pulled he over for throwing a cigarette butt out my window. When he saw me, something about me, maybe my Bob Marley shirt lol, pissed him off and convinced him I was stoned. He made me take a field sobriety test on a road with a pretty decent incline. Suffice to say I didn't pass in his opinion and he arrested me for omvi.

  27. So you got charged with reckless op for having high amounts of THC in your system? That shouldn't even have a chance in court, what the fuck am I reading?

  28. Yea. The cop said he had gotten a call that I was driving reckless. That's nonsense. I am 40 and have only a few speeding tickets. I was fine. I think I was maybe speeding and he pulled me over. I wear contacts so maybe my eyes were red? I'm not sure. I think it was because I was a punk kid from the city and was in the middle of nowhere. This was a long time ago. Anyway, he ended up saying I was traveling too close to a 18 wheeler. I'm sure one was in front of me but I can't remember.

  29. I'm thankful I live in Toledo, most cops will just make you hand it over, some won't even take it. Some of these stories are straight out of a nightmare. I'm sorry that you had to deal with that.

  30. Then why even take the time to tell OP it's legit if you don't know?

  31. hhc is one of the better alt cannabinoids in my experience, never heard of this brand though

  32. I prefer it over D8 (even though most HHC devices you find are HHC + D8) but you can't use it for more than 2 days or it obliterates your tolerance for it.

  33. Bro them flyin monkeys smack and they ain't fake they are real brand out of Florida with lab tests and everything prob the best gas staion cart next to 3chi and delta extrax

  34. Bro Delta is like the worse mainstream altnoid producer out there. Some of their COAs do not make sense and are often inconsistent.

  35. 'Member dank vapes? 'Member lion's breath carts?

  36. if you posted a cake dispo exploding in your face that's definitely viral.

  37. This is centrally sourced BM probably some shitty distillate that can't pass regs, don't listen to the other people.

  38. I love Rythm flower but they are 10/10 times dry as shit. I make it routine to buy an Integra pack on the way home when I buy these jars. After just a few days the taste and smell is much better.

  39. LOL and I remember that one dude from GO who says this subreddit is "mostly irrelevant" to Ohio cultivators and processors. Which of course is why we're so irrelevant that companies feel the need to astroturf this sub.

  40. heres the official dispensary product packaging. I got one earlier this year to try it out.

  41. Does it taste anything like a Sauce bar? Those are also live resin + added terpenes.

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