1. Awesome, playing solo is one way to keep MM8 interesting. How did you get the stat buff? Did you use a scroll, potion or pillar of day of the gods?

  2. Most of it (like, 150 stats in each) comes from barrels. You note every place in the game that has barrels and you revisit it each time that place respawns - so Smugglers of Jadame got shaked, like, 11 times by me.

  3. I was wondering about the green extra stats and thought maybe you always have a white potion at hand. Solo knights can benefit a lot from potions or scrolls. But I recall the difference between 250 and 400 strength isn't even that big anymore.

  4. Oh, Nicolai. Remembered since the very first playthrough of MM6, when I had no idea the best strategy is to not click on him at all. Trying to find the circus in the vast unknown world. Finding the circus... Oh, but wait - the circus has moved!! Only very slowly realizing, that I'll have to check on the places with the circus periodically, because of some little hint some random NPC gave me... Goddamn kid, I had a paladin with me.

  5. Interesting. To which level can you train now? Has the level 200 limit been raised as well?

  6. In MM6 Ironfist will train you up to level 200, while Paradise Valley will train you to an infinite level. This is in both 6 and Merge.

  7. MM8 usually has the level 200 cap. You can train up to that point in Shadow Spire and Balthazar's Lair

  8. Interesting how the name differs from German, where it's called "Steinadler", meaning stone eagle. Considering how majestic these creatures are, I find the English name more suitable. This is an absolutely beautiful picture.

  9. I remember being overwhelmed by the amount of tourists that were there

  10. We used to be divided into tribes and fought against each other a lot. The fact that we can live together in our societies, mostly peacefully, is quite special if you consider where we are coming from. We need to wear these "social masks", so other people know how to deal with us. If everyone showed their "true self" to the world all the time, I think we would constantly be weirded out by everyone.

  11. Beautiful, but to me it looks more like a path to freezing to death

  12. He def does. Which is a benefit and a drawback for him. A lot of his skeptics claim his presentation works, not on the merits of what he's saying, but because he presents it well. It's a stupid argument.

  13. His books are very well written and if you listen to the audiobooks, also very well narrated (by himself). He's a master storyteller and passionate about his subject. If people attack him for that, you know they don't have any actual substance behind their empty words.

  14. This argument was so bad that it made OP delete himself.

  15. Walking in there it is advised that you're really quiet. And you better don't smell tasty. Otherwise you can start making up your mind if you would rather get turned to stone, paralzyed and eaten, burned and swallowed whole or simply get murdered and eaten.

  16. I have a corner office and the only working copier is on the other end of the building 5 floors down.

  17. That's brilliant if you wanna kill some time and get a little bit of a workout in

  18. 8am, meeting in Room 3004. 9am, meeting in Room 3218. 10am, meeting in Room 3007.

  19. "Why" seems to me to be the most important question to every kind of learning. That makes "stop asking why" into one of the worst types of advice you could ever give anyone.

  20. I once came across this term when reading about Chinese history. I believe at some point the kings or emprerors there held the so called "Mandate of Heaven". That's probably where they took it from and applied it to the kings rule in Enroth.

  21. I think it could be alienating if every plant and animal was radically different. And it might seem forced.

  22. Just make sure it is not hungry when you stand next to it like that

  23. This leaves you with little puzzlement about the fact that the people of the past attributed such phenomenons to gods...

  24. Seems to me you're referring to themes. It's true that stories are more compelling when written with symbolism, allegories and such. Nevertheless, an entertaining story is far more searched for these days rather than before, deeper meanings can come after making sure the story isn't boring.

  25. I'd go so far as to say if it's not boring it's probably also meaningful on some level. But figuring out what's meaningful is a more difficult task than knowing what's not boring.

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