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  1. Body con follows anybody’s lines, no matter type. It is just your body’s lines.

  2. I’m not sure if he’s comparing the rigors of the football season to military service. I think he’s just saying that he completely separates himself from his family during the season

  3. “What is your favorite thing to do outdoors” is a much better response. As a woman I get a handful of comments from men who are shocked that I don’t mind getting my nails dirty. (And it’s not just me. Had a guy have the same reaction to my friend because she is a mountain climber.)

  4. These guys are not going to get it. They think you should take any compliment thrown in your general direction. I have some super basic interests and all the time guys will be like “woah, a woman likes that? Amazing!” Like yeah, lots of us do, we aren’t just sitting around reading magazines and painting our nails every second of the day

  5. You guys are so dramatic and total bullies. Always sexist and needing to be negative. Idk if you’ve ever worked around kids, especially kids who are doing things outdoors, but they all do this stuff. You did too! Any kid who played in gardens when they were super little probably did this to at least bugs. Kid brains are not done cooking and we all do weird stuff when we’re young. It is natural curiosity that a kid can’t regulate properly. She wasn’t hurting these animals, I can’t bring myself to fake the outrage.

  6. Imagine using people’s deaths for internet points, and classifying the murders of multiple people by a bigot as “mildly” infuriating.

  7. they would shame you relentlessly. the same way they are now.

  8. Put “sleeping baby, no knocking, leave at door” in the directions. They will still knock though, because they will almost never read the directions.

  9. The fuck you I got mine generation. And honestly almost every boomer I’ve met is stupid. Not necessarily in the booksmart fashion, but interpersonally stupid and apathetic. They don’t care about others, deeply selfish. You asked. I wouldn’t normally go around saying this, boomer. You have more racists and homophobes than the generations before and after you. You’re hateful people. And as someone working retail currently, boomers are the most entitled and poorly behaved by a mile. I literally have had to parent my boomer parents and remind them to be kind to others since I was a child.

  10. ? i want solutions. if i go to a new hair stylist i want to know what to ask without them cutting any length off and still making it look like the pic. idk how to ask i rarely go to hair salons.

  11. How do you expect a hairstylist to do anything about this while not cutting anything?

  12. You don’t know if they’re disabled or not. Work on your anger issues, that’s certainly not a disability.

  13. I have no problem if they're disabled. But 30% of the population is not disabled.

  14. I know dipshits like you. I’m disabled but it’s not immediately obvious. It’s not a parking spot, people who aren’t disabled should use it as they please. Gremlins like you give me shit for it all the time when you can’t see my issues under my clothes or in an x ray or mri. You can go fuck yourself tbh, I hope the door gets stuck next time, and nobody has to press the button and you’ll be freezing your ass off.

  15. It was a five minute, straight drive and I didn’t even drive. Nice job commenting bullshit then blocking me to try to get the last word though, that’s pretty pathetic

  16. Lmao. You forgot to switch back when you were using your alt to downvote everyone twice.

  17. I literally never did anything to the employees. They were two young ladies who hardly talked to me.

  18. Wah wah wah, how dare the people at work not waste their time making small talk with me. Those people have shit to do. Do you know how fucking busy they are right now? Making conversation with you is not their job.

  19. Well, who is doing the work? Like if the guys want men’s day to be something they should bake treats and bring them to share.

  20. Literally have never seen a single man do a thing in men’s day. Their own fault but of course they need to blame women for it.

  21. You men never celebrate it and then bitch on women’s day. Try doing the work like we did, we didn’t count on you to make women’s day a thing.


  23. Except for the people who died, right? I left a job right before covid and my job basically stopped existing. I worked in a nursing home, and a sizable amount of the residents died due to covid. Their families could not see them. My family was radicalized into Qanon. Glad she had a fun time posting bikini pics though. You’re a dumbass too OP. Go fuck yourself. You are probably some immature teenager who was just happy he got to cheat on his class work and has no real life experience.

  24. From reading hes definately not. Hes taking it cause he likes what it does to him and used one of the pill mill places the same way tons of people used the Dr.s thst would do MMJ cards for 75 bucks.

  25. Actually you harm those of us who legitimately need it. Fuck you if you do this. Because some of you are druggies you make people who aren’t lying get treated as druggies.

  26. Pretty severe inattentive ADHD, I haven’t been able to get my medication for months. Work has been hell. It’s impacting my daily life quite a bit. I’m not the perfect embodiment of efficiency when medicated but I’m much better. Of course we are called “users” here and not patients. If it were any other medication. And here I read a bunch of undiagnosed/faking druggies get their meds, how nice.

  27. Seriously? I’m sure there’s another sub for these pictures. We aren’t interested in ads for your only fans.

  28. If you edit and don’t say “edit”, even though the comment will say “edited” next to the username anyway, redditors get all pissy

  29. To be fair it only says edited on desktop, not mobile for me

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