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  1. Right…. OP cmon this is a pretty big trust me bro and I’m not quick to trust a bro

  2. Fight Club is a nihilistic movie designed to get you to not care about anything.

  3. No, it was inspired by a simple seed of thought when Chuck came into work one day with a black eye and no one said anything to him.

  4. "Designed" may have been too strong of a word.

  5. A recent study couldn’t find a control group while trying to study the effects of micro plastics in the human brain

  6. It’s absurd how, once you notice what it’s really depicted, it’s almost impossible to see again what you firstly saw…

  7. You just made it to 500 ups. Chefs choice if I'm so lucky, TIA in that same spirit...

  8. I don’t think getting a tart a caravan is…….not calling your mum a tart. I’m just saying.

  9. No, just that Muskrat hasn’t replied in support of her yet. Starting to think someone needs to pull the plug on Muskrat’s little experiment.

  10. Him and ye are really fucking around with the first amendment rn.

  11. I’m really confused: He said $100 every month starting at 25 and you’ll have $800,000 by the time your 40. That means he assuming a 37.5% annual return. What has a 37.5 annual return?? Then I thought “oh well he must have meant 100 a week”, but I did the calculations, even at $100 a week, for 15 years, you would still need a 24.5% return.

  12. Great company true enough..I'm sure this kind of no questions asked return perk will come with stipulations after a certain frequency of 'exploitation' is reached.

  13. Perpetual soup/stew is how people survived in ancient times. Before refrigeration there were limited ways to preserve food, especially from day to day. You'd make a stew and just keep adding to it. The ingredients added much earlier would basically render down to thick stock. You'd add water to keep it from drying out. Keep that baby going and you've got food available whenever you want it. There wasn't an issue of contamination because the food never chilled to a temp that allowed pathogens to thrive.

  14. Hella. New L2 to hype ...Fidelity getting into the game publicly.

  15. Coinbase has had "problems" with being able to sell loopring when it runs, among other issues.

  16. Huge fan of 3x decker grilled cheese because of bread size... WAY superior dippage in tomato bisque as well...

  17. Thusly, I've made the determination that, if need be, if faced with starvation, we will cook and eat Chaka.

  18. I feel a change in the wind.... ☠️ 🏴‍☠️ 🦜

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