2. I liked the whole atmosphere and music at times but gameplay-wise it is just okay, even mediocre i daresay . I would give it 6/10

  3. not too sure how dismemberment makes the combat worse. I've got 300+ hours in Nioh 2 and I barely take notice of dismemberment

  4. it's kind of hard to tell if OP's post is a joke through text alone. we're just at that point where takes like this are commonly real and serious

  5. Since WarriYahTruth used clown face enoji, i assume he/she/their was/were joking about. That's what i meant.

  6. I understand some people have gotten burned with companies lately but I’ve had a good streak with a lot of them being well made or near perfect from the start.

  7. The poll is missing a crucial option:

  8. I just thought that there were an explanation. There is not i guess.

  9. I have informed the team that the community would like a PC demo. I try to share as much of what the community would like to see but of course ultimately, it's up to the Team and Company to make those decisions. ;)

  10. Sorry, I am a new guy here. Are you a community manager?

  11. Wish you had created a poll so we could see the exact numbers.

  12. Can't wait to play this game. Parry sounds and looks so satisfying.

  13. you could just stasis zeds ult so you have no chance of dying.

  14. True. but i didn't want to waste it, thought i could survive it

  15. I think you probably couldve W’ed zed right out of his ult. He always appears opposite to the side he ulted from and you might have been able to time and cc him, but i dont play nunu so i dont know rhe interaction.

  16. Not exactly... You can't "lock" the way that you look. You have to refashion each individual piece of gear at the blacksmith to make it look like another one, and then that new look only applies to that specific piece. So if you decide to change any of your gear going forward, you gotta refashion it again.

  17. Yeah, i get confused everytime i get down voted for asking a question.

  18. Actually it's the same as Nioh. One universal animation for large monsters and and unique animations against human enemies.

  19. Have you seen unique animations against humans? Personally, i haven't

  20. Yes I have, that's why I posted my comment.

  21. When I describe Nioh to people I always start with "Nioh is a game where you are the boss."

  22. Tonfa main for like 400 hours. Trying switch on a new playthrough. It’s super fun I think you’ll enjoy it if you pick up cyclone as one of the first skills.

  23. Still don't get which boss this is. Can you tell me the name please?

  24. I'll go against the grain and say no, unless you're emulating it or something.

  25. After reading your other comments, OP, I have my own answer to your question.

  26. Shin Roku is my favorite I love the life drain on strong attack

  27. Plus you can use Kasha for life drain on Yokai abbilities.

  28. SMT V is a flawed game but I overall enjoyed it. I tend to think that even a bad SMT game is generally more interesting than most JRPG trash out there.

  29. Hope one day Atlus will port smt 5 to PC so i can play it again. Not sure i want to spend time on emulator.

  30. Shyvana's ultimate has a vaccuum effect at the end of the dash that pulls every enemy she hits to a central point in front of her. Its not listed anywhere and makes her devastating in wombo combo comps.

  31. So in theory you can ult in Katarina while she's ulting and stop her ulting by that?

  32. It reminded me of how i played the old Akali. You throw Q - wait 3-4 second for your Q to restore - R to a target - AA an enemy while he still has first Q on him and then immediatelly Q once more so you double q and deal tons of damage.

  33. I believe there is a skill in the skill tree that allows you to have more than 9 elixirs but not sure.

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