1. Biggest tax grab of all time, Carbon Tax on heating your home.

  2. He is one fucking lucky man.

  3. Not only is she a liar, now she is a comedian??

  4. 10/0 all day, every day

  5. Every bit of that is outstanding. WOW!!

  6. So nice to see both boobs without an arm in front of one of them.

  7. You are one of the most stunning, sexy, classiest women on all of Reddit.

  8. Also.... do not forget that Trudeau "gifted" Loblaw $12,000,000.00 for refrigerators.

  9. She has always been one of my favorites.

  10. All of that is absolutely stunning. Beautiful woman

  11. Well, at least in Italy they need to follow the same rules of the cars. BUT they can cross the walk IF they are walking with their bike by hands. Basically you can follow the rules of a pedestrian only if you are a pedestrian carrying a bike.

  12. Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada and the leader of the socialist Liberal Party of Canada. Absolutely the worst leader Canada has ever had, but continues to get elected by brain washed people of Toronto and Atlantic Canada.

  13. Because until the cons put forward a candidate that actually resonates with the majority of Canadians I and millions others will support liberals. Also the worst leader in Canada's history is pretty extreme. Do I love him to death no. Do I hate him no. He's perfect for me because he just does his job (fuck his charity though)

  14. Worst leader in Canadian history, by far. He has brought more debt and division to Canada than any other prime minister. Which charity are you referring to? As he has many that our hard earned tax dollars go to, you cannot in all fairness, select one.

  15. That... All of that is perfect. Face, tits, hips, thighs and the outfit.

  16. Jagmeet Singh 100% two faced, brown nosing, liar and hypocrite.

  17. Does the man that is attached to that cock ever fuck you and look after you?

  18. Are your balls half way up your dick? Either that or you do not understand anatomy.

  19. 10/10 you look great to me. All natural and very sexy.

  20. You know that I think that you are the classiest and sexiest woman on all of Reddit.

  21. Love those tits and even more the camel toe, the thighs and your hair.

  22. Thank you, you are a stunning woman.

  23. 10/10 and you are absolutely stunning.

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