1. Come on Cynthia!!!!! Please pull through!

  2. Nope I'm a new collector! Cookbooks are my favorite!

  3. New to OTF —- this was my 10th workout and was my first time for a switch 2G. I really liked it. I was a fan of the 3 minute switches because it was short enough where I was able to get my heart rate up and just when I thought I was starting to die I got to switch. +++ I totally needed it after yesterday’s workout.

  4. That’s incredible!!!! And takes such dedication! You go girl - you look awesome! Congratulations!

  5. Petition to rename the compound burpee today to the "what the hell" burpee.

  6. I’m an OTF newbie (and totally out of shape but getting better day by day). Took the 2G at 7 AM and this was my 9th class and I’m still trying to not die! This was so challenging but dang such a GOOD workout! The treadmill nearly killed me...

  7. I’m on a bit of product overload so skipped my Ultimate & Plus this month, and just went with the regular Glam Bag. First time skipping but nothing really caught my eye in the bags this time. Hope whatever you get you love!

  8. Last time I made this dish, I added far to much Sriracha and could barely taste any of the other flavors. Toned the Sriracha back this time, and the other flavors were able to come out.

  9. Wow I had NO clue - thanks so much!

  10. Use it to infuse a veggie broth, then use this broth to make a mushroom risotto or other veg risotto that lets the flavor come through and compliment it.

  11. Greek lemon potatoes with chicken, hummus and tzatziki was a major weekday go to for me.

  12. Do you have a recipe? This sounds amazing and something I’d like to try.

  13. This post and the one from the other day made me take the plunge with scentbird. I have really been wanting to try some of the products they have so I can't wait for mine to ship tomorrow!

  14. I really like Scentbird - they have some great stuff for an awesome price, I love trying new fragrances and also love that we can add in skins are products. Hope you love it as well!

  15. Mail day over at my house today. First time getting Sephora PLAY, and first time getting more than 1 product in my Scentbird. This is the third month I’ve done Allure, and have to say for the money, I’ve been very impressed with Allure,

  16. This sub needs to start a google calendar we can all subscribe to. Lol.

  17. For real! I need it - there’s so many dates to remember!

  18. Wow I’m loving all these options - looks like so many great options! Want to try that Jio De Janeiro and that Oryza lipstick shade looks beautiful to me!

  19. I love how easy and simple Birchbox’s Choice is. Their app is so user friendly. I got the Hydration box

  20. Did others have a bad experience with wander eye products? I liked the other one we got and justly surprised so many people are saying not that.

  21. I was wondering that too! This is only my third month subscribing and I thought the palette looked pretty

  22. Does anyone know if I would be able to choose a product for GBU if I reactivated now/today?

  23. I unfortunately do not know the answer (sorry - wish I did), and also know that customer service is backed up. However are you on social media? They seem to be quicker at responding via twitter or Instagram if you can ask them there

  24. I got the same options - it was a struggling picking this round!

  25. I love the brand, and have good luck with their products so I personally chose to go with the oil. I also looked up reviews and liked what I saw with the oil.

  26. This is only my third month - and it does seem like there’s a few repeats! Especially Disappointed to see the Nomad Palette ... but fingers crossed I don’t get it again because I rated it poor. Always excited to see spoilers and get my boxes though —- this really is like an addicting hobby.

  27. Allure has vending machines in certain airports so maybe it’s in your future to get one of those? Ha!

  28. I fly a lot for work, and am often tempted to go to the Allure vending machine! They have one in my home airport right by the terminal I always fly out of.... the first time I saw it I did a double take. I wonder how many people actually purchase?

  29. Box twins! Just got mine in the mail today, I haveMy seen anybody else with this one prior to your post, so glad to see I’m not alone!

  30. I got the same exact box yesterday as well, and was also confused about if I’d be also receiving a regular Boxycharm box. I’m excited to use the Pineapple Serum!

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