1. Even though I see the SNP as some sort of Russian agents, I don't believe this bullshit.

  2. I'd rather the MI5 round up their leadership

  3. From my point if view the fact that Democracy has boiled down to 55-45 victories all the time is proof democracy has failed. Id love to see the geographical breakdown of the scottish vote and how many are culturally/ethnically British.

  4. Moving the goalpost when you refuse to accept democracy LOL

  5. Everyone knows it. Those fanatics are only loud enough in academia to shut everyone else up. That's why we have all sort of such absurdity.

  6. I am an anthropology major, Marx in a few units in my classes is brought up, because Marx was an influential figure in multiple fields, you literally can’t not talk about some of his ideas without it being political censorship. It would be like physics classes not ever mentioning Newton. But our field isn’t Marxist, there is plenty of other schools of thought and there is a lot of criticism of Marxist anthropology for being reductionist, overly materialistic, and Eurocentric. I am I not denying that there isn’t schools of feminist thought influenced by Marxism, but feminism isn’t Marxist.

  7. Tell me which faction of radical feminists or anti-imperialists are not heavily influenced by Marxism or sympathetic to tyrants in Latin America?

  8. What the fuck does this have to do with communism?

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