[SELF] My improved Malenia cosplay

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  1. This is cursed on levels I didn’t know could exist.

  2. Awesome! You aren't going to dragoncon by chance are you?

  3. Hope to see you there! Going to need forgiveness after the things I've done for the con-crunch this year....

  4. I believe there will be an elden ring panel on Saturday. I plan on attending.

  5. I'm pretty sure it's a mistake and that you can in fact repo then activate everything else then hoof it.

  6. There's another one! I just can't use the touch screen with the glove on

  7. Definitely Steven Universe. Fandom tried to cancel Rebecca Sugar (creator) over how she drew some characters lips.

  8. "If you've ever had your nipple bitten off by a turian, you might be a space redneck."

  9. I never in my life thought I would read a mass effect reference and Jeff Foxworthy joke in the same sentence.

  10. Too much of the burrito joke. Maybe just keep the first one and make the other prompts about your interests or what kind of person you are.

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