1. “Legit could have learned a couple languages with the amount of hours I’ve put into this”

  2. Yeah, there's not much information available online.

  3. You’re much more likely to find her on a survival playthrough where you’re forced to walk everywhere

  4. What is wrong with banning beer and immodesty? I do agree that threatening the film crews was inappropriate, but banning immodesty and beer is the right thing to do my friends.

  5. There modesty and then there’s beating women in the street for wearing a tank top

  6. Freedare 70mm longboard wheels $16 for a set of 4 on Amazon comes with bearings. Doesnt matter what longboard wheels you use. You will burn through them. Paired with apollo med casters which are the same as the ones TG uses. They slightly modify them. I have both, dont notice any difference. About $50 vs $300.

  7. Could you send me a link to those casters also are you running and upgraded stage 4 or 5 cart


  9. 72v 3000w I’d put that at stage 8 what battery and motor are you using

  10. Where's the first/cheapest double jump cyberware?

  11. Vic sells them without a street cred requirement so you can get them the earliest from him.

  12. I heard and interesting theory that fallout 4 is post post post apocalyptic in the fact that there were many thriving community’s right before you leave the vault that are destroyed days to years before you come out of cryo. The minutemen were once a powerful militia that protected all of diamond city. Quincy was a large trading hub and was likely the second biggest stop for most traders after dc, and university point was an up and coming trade post that was wiped off the map at most days before you arrive there. The commonwealth was chaotic after the bombs, got civilized, then has been falling back apart ever since. Maybe this shows a dark trend for humanity that we can attempt to put it all back together but society has crumbles to far to ever be made completely whole again. The survivors are just left piecing together to scrapes in and endless cycle with no more scientific progression just scouring over ruins till it all turns to dust.

  13. I don’t see how an upgraded dragoon could match the likes of a 1.12 ton piece of walking destruction, perhaps speed and ability but then again I could be wrong. Maybe the reason behind leaving the Daioni was because there was another in the works unbeknownst to us our anyone else expect Adam and Arasaka. Think about it, if by chance the upgraded dragoon is indeed better then the daioni then what about an upgraded daioni. Adam smasher is indeed a metal head and infatuated by the idea of new upgrades so him using an upgraded dragoon for the meantime until a new version of the daioni comes out seems likely. To add on, the cyber skeleton that we see David used was referenced by Adam to be intended for him. But I think it goes a bit deeper, the cyber skeleton was going to the frameworks for the new daioni. Now I don’t really have any evidence for it, to me it would make sense as the upgraded daioni could be the utilization of antigravity, or gravity manipulation.

  14. Real reason is it would be too much for the 2077 game. You could chalk it up to him only using the DaiOni during heavy combat and living in the modified dragoon for everyday use so he doesn’t crush concrete beneath his feet everywhere he walks and being able to actually fit inside say cars and doorways

  15. Mike pondsmith said Adam uses a heavily modified dragoon full body conversion in 2077

  16. Apparently the corp decided it wasn’t safe in Japanese waters

  17. From its all time high of $370 it’s down 73%

  18. I still haven’t bought any meta though it’s looking kinda tasty at $99

  19. I bought the exact same hur dur six hungeos as wade with the granite finish and everything so I can listen to scarlet fire and know exactly how he feels. Best $200 purchase of my life

  20. “Gertrude Weather-Cock” 😂

  21. I saw that and just knew it was going to be the top comment

  22. I dont use PA a lot in my characters but I gonna throw into my list just to make the BOS and Enclave look more intimdating. Good work.

  23. Total game changer walking into hidden valley bunker

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