How Wall Street short sellers are trying to control the Gamestop narrative

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  2. Who is that chick in the red dress - I would T- Bill her all day long.

  3. For years They’ve done this at the theatre why not the movie theatre.

  4. Nobody left you stupid bitch!! FU Corporate Media - We aint leaving -This is our market now!!

  5. These dudes always burning shit. I’ve been running a business for 30 years and never burnt anything. Maybe 🤔 there’s something nefarious going on…

  6. A lot of silly shills on this post giving legal advice to sell. Can you shills please state for the record you are not paid to comment here?


  8. I see less and less of SS in my feed lately. Shadow banning is a thing.

  9. Left that shit over a year ago. My advice stay away from YouTubers and the such.

  10. Everyone who’s been here long enough knows the drill by now - Buy DRS HODL. Everything else is just noise.

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