Kid nailing flight of the bumblebee on saxophone

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  1. Are people really upset he helped blind/hard of seeing folks see again?? What’s wrong with people, dear God

  2. “And will be going to deduct from your” Horrendous English lmao

  3. Everyone who is on this subreddit today will be dead by then.

  4. This gave me a good laugh lmao. I’ve been going to Orange County for over 5 years now, and I feel like there’s always freeway construction

  5. Somewhere between 700 million and 300 billion trillion million years, most likely.

  6. Correct. They removed the option for regen strength a couple years ago. Only older models have it if they already shipped with the option. Regen is always full power now unless the battery is full or too cold.

  7. How did I miss this lol. I have a 2022 RWD M3. I’ve used the other modes for different driving styles, but now that I think about it they were exactly like ICE cars, still regen in a way

  8. Haha. I have a 22M3LR and I got used to the driving style within a day or so. I have never actually tried creep/roll stopping modes. I came from manual cars tho, so I was already in the mindset of using the engine to decelerate at stop lights and such.

  9. I didn’t like the other modes and just been using Hold ever since. Love the one pedal driving, feels way better for your legs/lower back without having to move your feet back and forth as much

  10. What a joke, what did he think was going to happen??

  11. I realized she was just a bunch of raccoons in a trench coat

  12. It’s gotta have some space to open the trunk..

  13. If there’s a flight of the bumblebee, is there a walk of the turtle?

  14. I like bowling at Bowlero Orange County. However it is high, I pay for 2 people and 3 games, about 60-70$. I really like the atmosphere, but it ain’t the cheapest

  15. I asked ChatGPT to do some coding for me once. I was not impressed.

  16. I saw a video where someone said ChatGPT can do decent coding, but if you’re not already a skillful coder, you won’t be able to fix the abundant of mistakes it’ll make and you’ll never figure out what’s writ with it. AI still not it

  17. Excellent point. It's just a tool, among many tools, "not the be-all and end-all". And as with any tool, you should know what you are doing in order to get the best out of it.

  18. Yup, a hammer is good but not to unscrew something. It would give a good template and or starting point for codes. Like I’ve used ChatGPT to make cover letters for me to apply to jobs. It’s really good, but still stuff to fix to make it more human like and have feeling in it

  19. You should be more worried about drinking a monster than a little about of the lining

  20. “I hope that broke your god damn neck”

  21. If I use only superchargers at peak for .58/kWh then yea, it will be more expensive. Otherwise, it’s way cheaper

  22. I don’t care, I like the car I’m buying it

  23. This reminds me when you touch the back of someone’s neck; and they shrivel up lol

  24. Your semi annual coverage is less than what I pay per month, 289$… Should I drop my insurance that low too? I’ve got 100k bodily, 50k property and 1k deductible

  25. Well, you could've left him at the airport and picked him up in the morning. "Honey, it's much safer this way." /s

  26. “Sorry babe, I can’t leave because of late night driving, I’ll leave after 4am”

  27. Not a chance in satans ass. People suck and don’t treat your stuff with respect

  28. Wait this is where Somi Somi is and the Hmart around the corner! I was there the other day getting Somi Somi, that’s crazy to see

  29. Place a gun on a table and it won’t kill anyone for all of eternity. High speed crashes have happens in Ferraris, infinity’s, Toyotas, BMWs… it’s the people

  30. As a tesla owner, we don’t claim this fool

  31. May lord have mercy… Glad you found your help haha

  32. I was born and I am the father and father and I’m a mother to you.

  33. Sorta, but some golf carts are horribly aggressive with the regen. I’ve been in carts where the immediate second I let go of the gas, I got a face full of steering wheel

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