The biggest conspiracy is that Jesus Christ is actually King. The elites know that. You can read hundreds of reports on Reddit and elsewhere of people ending an alien/demonic encounter instantly by calling on Jesus. Mathew 8 really tells you why they fear Him. All their magick and demons always lose

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. Dude the human interaction will forever be apart of working in a coffee shop. Maybe customer service isn’t for you..

  2. If you’re hiding it from your partner I’d say so

  3. No because leftists despise religion especially God and Christianity. Leftists hate traditional sex roles and family values. Leftists love hedonism and sexual deviancies that are listed as harmful and sinful in the Bible. Jesus hates when innocent unborn babies are killed while leftists LOVE it because "women's happiness are more important than the lives of unborn kids". Jesus hates greedy big pharma companies and their genetherapy jabs being forced onto people, which all leftists want to do because the government owns your body. Jesus does not support the idea that God puts the wrong souls into the wrong bodies and that brutal hormone injections and surgery and social engineering is the answer to that! Jesus hates shitty lying, manipulative fake news media.

  4. I love this little world you’ve created for yourself where Jesus aligns with all of your beliefs. Must be easy to convince yourself you’re right with Jesus on your side.

  5. Which website did you see these videos?


  7. I’m new to this forum. Thought it would be another great resource. X. Filled with bots and trolls and as soon as you post something contrary to what they want you to believe here come the “you’re a dumbass” type posts. So basically this is Twitter 2.0.

  8. This sub died years ago at this point. Once was a legitimate place of discussion. Now it’s a twitter echo chamber. Filled with bots and sheep on all sides

  9. What's he been caught doing? Please provide irrefutable proof of claims of all convictions, 'alleged' crimes are not proof because anyone can make a claim and turn it in to a news story.

  10. No. I swear on my grave that she really doesn't know. If she did I would be in deep shit. Every so often she asks if I have done any drugs. I say no and leave it at that. I'm a good liar too. Nah mate I know for certain she is naive to my use.🤗

  11. Whatever you need to tell yourself. IV meth use has very distinct effects on the body, and more over every meth head I know thinks they are so stealthy about it but very few actually are.

  12. Oh please! Don't speak to me like I'm a child. I am very aware of the ins and outs of meth use. I have researched it and looked up every article on the subject. ☺️

  13. Yeah you’ve done so much research that you think it’s better to bang it instead of smoke…. Lmfao goodluck in your life dude I hope you can get sober or atleast off the needle..

  14. Wrong thread to be making a joke dude. This dude is worried about dying he doesn’t have time to joke around with you lol

  15. But we Are Not Service Employees. We don't make $3.25 an hour with a promise to be paid a minimum wage if AND ONLY IF customers don't pay up to that for us. It's different. I also agree Starbucks should pay a higher wage. I'm anti-tipping culture. Some of our customers are fantastic and the length to which you're railing on this is ridiculous.

  16. Dude I’m allowed to have an opinion. You’re the one who commented and is continuing to reply. I respect your opinion but I’m not going to concede to your views just because you think I’m wrong.

  17. I don't expect you to concede to my opinion. It doesn't really impact me one way or the other way. I think you're missing that folks are taking issue with the sanctimonious way you're presenting/approaching the issue. Few of us disagree that we should be paid more and none of us dislike being tipped. You just sort of brought this random soap box in to stand on.

  18. I’m sorry you don’t like the way I’m coming across, but as a barista for 10 years I have strong opinions about the subject. Everyone on this subreddit was being an echo chamber of “oh it’s okay” so I figured I’d offer up my opinion in contradiction. That doesn’t mean I’m right and also doesn’t mean you have to take personal offensive to it.

  19. Don’t listen to this dude. Don’t try to buy shit online.

  20. Cool lime was gross IMO, Valencia orange gang forever

  21. Agreed! Most people going to Starbucks are not going to get their mind changed by a sign. LOL!!! Donate to charities :p

  22. What do you mean donate to charities? How is that going to help any more than genuine protest?

  23. I think they’re being proactive by fighting for unionization. Honestly you’re the one wasting your time trying to suppress a labor movement through Reddit lol

  24. Yes. My dog is 50 pounds and pretty fucking small.

  25. I used to work at a location attached in a building with a sub/sandwich shop and we constantly were getting people rolling up ordering deli sandwiches and it always made me laugh

  26. Lmao dude people like you are hilarious. “If the oil is thick. It’s made right”

  27. Order or make a grande hot water w 2 scoops matcha it’s so good

  28. Yeah it’s so good because the #1 ingredient is sugar 💀

  29. You do realize this packaging can be bought online and then filled by anyone right? It’s not just one dude making these lmfao

  30. The conditioning was off the charts on that one year before cmon man use your brain

  31. Use your brain and show me some of this conditioning dude. I’m not gonna buy it off of one 45 second SNL clip


  33. After watching the video I think you’re grasping at straws and using someone else’s rhetoric to convey your opinion. I’m still waiting on more links if conditioning was off the charts

  34. If I had to guess I’d say no more than 4.5. Beautiful bass

  35. Just saying man if you want to save money I’d slide to flower and use pen in the day save you bunch it saved me a lot . And if you want to take it step further dab rigs can also save money depending where you live

  36. Man you a straight up noob to the scene. Less than 100 days ago you were smoking out of tin foil like a fuckin 12 year old lol. Don’t be acting like you know it all

  37. Don’t be judging of post only if it’s obvious I have no idea . I show no lack of knowledge of anything making that hand made pipe shows Ik how to smoke withought needing a piece lol

  38. Do you get the irony of you being the one who judged OP? Lol. You don’t gotta prove anything to me man, I already made my opinions.

  39. The other annoying thing is 'fish id'. Seriously, Google image. If you don't know what species is in the waters you are fishing, go home. It's not just this sub, it's endemic across reddit, id this, id that.

  40. I don’t know maybe I’m a minority but I feel like part of the purpose of this sub is education. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a genuine question relating to a catch. I’ve caught some super weird chubs and suckers that aren’t even listed on my states ODNR page

  41. More than likely this is made from a high proof alcohol solution such as everclear that is volumetrically doses with whatever benzo then dropped onto the candy and left out for the alcohol to evaporate off leaving you with doses candy. That process is doable with alprazolam powder if one could obtain it. Please tell me more about these non liquid soluble powder lol

  42. Freedom of speech was not about protecting the popular agenda or idea at a given time. Its true purpose is to protect the unpopular one. The problem with modern day dems is you guys literally see republicans as a lesser human sub species. You all believe you are morrally and intellectually superior. Republicans might as well be jews to you in essence. Dogs if you will.

  43. Lol please don’t compare the Republican Party to Jews in the holocaust. Holy shit.

  44. You don’t need to justify your profession to a bunch of neckbeards on here. Good on you for finding a career that allows you to indulge in RuneScape all day long! Lol

  45. See you already opened the best of the four.

  46. Oh no sad to hear that! I’m sure I’ll enjoy them all, they’re a nice treat compared to butterfly effects but I don’t know if I’d buy them regularly.

  47. They are all definitely good and better than the regular pods. But there was just 2 or 3 that was worth getting again in my opinion. I'm wary about trying grow ohios live resin pods. Figured they would release layer cake first and they went with TTC instead. plus haven't heard great things about them like klutch.

  48. Some of klutches regular lusters just weren’t good in terms of terp flavors for me. I love how most of butterfly effects just taste and smell like a good dab. I’ll definitely try their live resin pods when I can but for me their CO2 definitely trumps klutch

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