1. I brain thinks it's a body, not so much.

  2. All I thought was ...that's a fucking huge beer...and I'm sober.

  3. 7 years imprisonment for removal. And here you are...having removed it.

  4. Com.... short for computer. Using the power button as the O. Finding things where things don't exist.

  5. Get some talcum powder and put it in any joints. Not a permanent solution but may help.

  6. It looks a lot like Red Rock Slot Canyon in Zion National Park, Utah.

  7. Just keep topping up the reservoir. It could possibly s use without fluid.

  8. The reservoir will be empty in under a minute. One of the lines rusted open on the rack itself.

  9. My engine is already warmed up. Would there still be a lot of steam coming out through exhaust even when it’s cold weather?

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