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  1. But wouldn't making a perfect copy of someone you loved but lost not the correct thing to do? It's a nice gesture to show you still love them, but holding on to them through a living being that you made is not the right decision; you are essentially making new life to replace an old one you lost.

  2. Uhm… Sometime it is. Hostage situations, for example, where negotiations failed and hostage harm is imminent.

  3. Yes, but this is a dude without legs. Not a hostage.

  4. So what you're saying is, he definitelyshould've taken a hostage

  5. Hey, remember when the manga crucified the Gen 5 gym leaders?

  6. Youre all wrong, Charlie is just the pet, and is controlling the host's body like a parasite

  7. These were made within 3 minutes of each other.

  8. This sounds like a comedy sketch about Google search history, and this dude forgot to erase. Simple mistake.

  9. This is why I spent $200 on a real-life Master Ball, MOM

  10. Turns out the dads are actually friends, and host a barbecue instead of a fight, like the kids wanted.

  11. Rookie mistake. When messaging a friend about temperature, always describe the meaning of the word. Example:

  12. It's not lol. Gen 3 is the peak of pokemon

  13. Music-wise? Yes, Gen 3. Story-wise, though? Definitely Gen 5, closely followed by maybe Gen 9.

  14. Give Gimmi a small hat and a shiny glove, and he's set.

  15. "When a woman bites a man, its seen as cute and adorable, and an act of love..."

  16. My quirk is the constant feeling of emptiness inside caused by past trauma that I for some reason dont have the energy to deal with.

  17. sure. whatever you need to tell yourself, buddy.

  18. OP suuuuuucks! Constantly contradicts himself, calls other people furries, basically saying no one cares about the Pokèmon?

  19. How was it dealt with? Did you apologize to the person that got banned for no reason?

  20. Dude, Imma have to agree with you. I've barely seen anything but still know this dude's in the wrong. I mean, looking through someone's history to make fun of them? Literally high school behaviour.

  21. I always laugh at people who look through my profile and make fun of the subs I’m a part of. Like you think I care that some random internet nobody thinking liking anime is weird?

  22. Yeah, I mean why would people judge you on the fact you like the Raiders, the Flyers and being mildly infuriated?

  23. OK I admit it! I’m not really that mildly infuriated

  24. But geuss what else? BY HACKING YOU I looked at your profile for like 6 ^seconds I ALSO KNOW YOU ARE CURRENTLY STARTING, AND ARE LOOKING FOR A PACK TO HELP!

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