1. I’d go for an l because it has various laces to change the size of the ting

  2. Better ordering to uh than Ireland unfortunately

  3. Yh corteiz is one of the only brands that u don’t need to pay

  4. Happened once very probably you have two different emails and it got sent on email u used to pay ex PayPal

  5. if this is brand new out the package i’d complain, ask for a new pair or push for a refund

  6. Probably incorrect washing or your detergent has too harsh chemicals

  7. Unfortrunately no , but there are some shops which wash your clothes were there are actual people that do it, I bet if u ask them you’ll have it fixed

  8. And stockx is dodgy for corteiz and uh brands in general because of low stock

  9. I’m not even from the uk but is this about the Notting hill carni ?

  10. Si, devo partire il 19, quindi spero mi arrivino il 18 ma la vedo grigia, ma spero di sbagliarmi

  11. L'unica cosa che ci rimane e sperare, DHL non so come sia parlando di velocità, forse una volta mi era arrivata roba da DHL ricordo fosse normale, vabbè vedremo

  12. good luck finding all these pieces

  13. 🤣🤣I know, fortunately it’s for a friend

  14. around 20 +. mix of unreleased shit, tees, vests, jeans, cargos & the green mohair jumper & pink 95s

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