1. Please, do share. Considering a move to portland and want to hear lots of perspectives on schools.

  2. Home schooling would be rad, but along with homeownership was pushed out of reach for many working families by the 30% hike in housing costs and accompanying general inflation over the past few years.

  3. Good morning, do you still have the campen??

  4. Man if the Delica was the service blue I’d be all over it.

  5. Truly. My kids lost it when we visited. They had so much fun catching jars o' bugs. They had a hard time realizing that they couldn't be held forever, though.

  6. Thanks for your input, everyone! I'm going to ask my follow on question in the "comments" tier because I think a top level thread might catch fire. Does anyone have any leads on clubs or groups where I could get some guidance on small game trapping or hunting in the region? I'd like to offer my kids the opportunity to explore sustainable game gathering and need some pointers myself.

  7. The most salient argument I’ve heard boils down more or less to this: the work of nonprofits is generally much more important to human thriving than the work of for-profit corporations, yet on the whole non-profit CEO compensation pales in comparison to for profit leaders.’ How, then, can we reasonably expect to have the greatest talent applied to the most pressing work? Arguably non-profit CEOs should be compensated in proportion to the significance of their contributions to the human project.

  8. I understand. I appreciate the guys work and understand the medical and benefits aspect of his total pay package. I feel firefighters are paid accordingly. I guess I’m just wondering like everyone else how and why he has been retained when he clearly broke well defined rules. How does the city/county insure him to continue driving a publicly owned vehicle?

  9. Another important note with Transparent CA is that they include 'unfunded pension debt.' Basically the money that *would* be required, but may or may not be paid, to fully fund the future pension obligation for that position.

  10. I like the video of the Mountain Goats performing it. John Darnielle's vibe is just right for that song.

  11. Is there arrows printed on the inside of the bracelet? If so they are not screws, but push pins and require a different tool.

  12. I don’t own a car, live in a very rainy climate, and commute to work on foot/bike. My job requires me to be a general handyperson as well as an errand-runner, occasional chef, guide, and note-taker, so I’m constantly on my feet moving around the world and need to carry a lot of stuff to let me do my job.

  13. Well sell it! I covet your leatherman, seb, and mini grip.

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