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  1. I know it’s early but Garland and Mitchell have the potential to be an all time great friend duo

  2. I hadn’t heard of “Wreck it Ralph” so I I looked it up. Really OP? An animated Disney movie for kids?

  3. I personally didn’t see it to be honest. Barry was more of a hit man for hire than a vigilante like Dexter.

  4. Sphere by Michael Crichton is worth looking into for the underwater horror-despair element.

  5. Is the 90's movie with the sphere named after the book?

  6. yes. I have never see the movie and heard it isn’t very good. I want to see it still though.

  7. “It always comes to this, once sex is introduced. Small talk no longer cuts it. Eventually, she'll call me a science project and slam the door in my face.”

  8. This dude… still taking weed selfies at 40. Respect to his accomplishments, but god damn is he a tool.

  9. He likes to have a good time, so what. I don’t think there is anything significant about him being 40 and taking this.

  10. What are his riches though? An occasional trip and hotel should be within his budget I think.

  11. Also they kind of look similar. Barry and Dexter look like brothers or cousins lol

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