1. my favorite is plain non fat greek yogurt, oregano, pomegranate seeds, pistachios, and a teaspoon of olive oil with maldon salt on top😍😍

  2. I’d love to see a better option for baking flour!! I know there’s replacements like oat fiber and fibergourmet but they all taste so inedible and like sawdust to me 🤢

  3. Did you try the Fiber Gourmet? I agree about oat fiber but the FG was good imo!

  4. I honestly haven’t! I’ve been hesitant to try just because I was associating it with my oat fiber experience!! I trust you though so maybe I’ll give it a go😋

  5. I think finding ways to incorporate gentle movement would be super beneficial for you! Don’t underestimate how beneficial taking 15-30minute walks or a half an hour of yoga or another somatic based movement could be to aid in weight loss!

  6. I don’t have a specific recipe but I can say greek yogurt works really well! I usually do some greek yogurt, vinegar (red wine for regular or rice vinegar for asain inspired coleslaw), oil of some sort (olive oil for reg, sesame or peanut oil for asain inspired) and then honey if I have the calories to spare or if not, some sugar free maple syrup! Then I’ll add in different flavor enhancers depending on what I’m in the mood for. Hope that was what you were looking for!

  7. meringue cookies! feels so decadent too and you can usually find a whole bunch of flavors!

  8. a calorie is just a calorie in regards to weight loss but a calorie is a lot more in the grand scheme of things! for example, you could eat 1600 calories of chocolate, workout, lose weight, but feel like complete poop because you would be missing out on lots of macro and micronutrients! that said, having chocolate everyday in combination with a balanced diet won’t hinder your weight loss as long as you are in a deficit!

  9. The buy-and-bake pilsbury sugar cookies with reindeer and santa clause on them are only 55 calories a piece! As for homemade, I would suggest making meringues with a sugar substitute! We can add food coloring and make them green and red, add crushed candy canes for a peppermint flavor, or chopped nuts inside! Really the options are endless for meringues :)

  10. i dont have any specific recipes but i use it in dressings, marinades, and just slather it on my protein at dinner! sometimes i mix some in with plain greek yogurt and dip veggies in it! i highly recommend doing that with their habanero mango wing sauce!

  11. The store had an extreme amount of surplus, it’s like a local tj maxx. 90% off! I wanted to buy them all haha

  12. i usually sauté it with whatever i’m stuffing the boats with! bulks it up even more!

  13. Idk your height but 127 lbs and a 26 inch waist sounds pretty healthy to me. Is it a plateau or just a great weight to maintain at? Either way that's great that you can start focusing on non scale victories.

  14. Thank you! And I’m a professional dancer who got decently out of shape during covid. Just trying to get back to a place where I feel my best but I’m definitely listening to my body along the way to determine what “best” is! Thanks for your comment!

  15. olipop! has 35 calories per can but has a buncha fiber and is made from really clean, healthy ingredients:) tastes delicious omg

  16. When I first started lifting weights, my weight loss stalled for 6 weeks (on the scale). Your body takes time to adjust to new normals so please try and be patient!

  17. Agreed. The texture is so much better than pb2 rehydrated and it’s much more satisfying! Just wish it wasn’t so pricey

  18. i’d say adding egg whites would work well but i’m not 100% sure… maybe try whipping them up until they peak and then fold in the mix?

  19. honestly my two recommendations are getting plenty of electrolytes as well as meeting with a doctor/nutritionist if possible to discuss and get some professional input! most likely it’s nothing serious but you never want to mess around with faintness!!

  20. My immediate thoughts are 1. You are probably not eating enough calories for the amount of exercise you’re doing, and 2. I found it much harder to lose weight after my body hit a weight that was pretty average for my height. My very non-scientific thought behind that is that once you are at your body’s “ideal” weight, it becomes much harder to lose more. Also, muscle weighs more than fat, so count inches not pounds.

  21. I was considering maybe upping my calories to 1500 for a few weeks and maybe giving my body a bit of a “break”. Do you think that would be effective in any way? Thanks so much for your opinion!

  22. Sorry I forgot to add that info! I’m 5’7 and weigh about 128lbs! I’m hoping it’s just water weight. I’ll definitely try and keep up with the hydration and see if anything changes!

  23. Im in the midwest too!!! 450 for the whole cake?! Amazing!!! What brand do you get? Thanks for the suggestions

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