1. DIO is the kind to experiment like that, he would stab a child)

  2. DIO: You know what they say, can't bake a Fig Tart without killing 36 sinners)

  3. Both happened, him being better was beating Deku in a fight

  4. Can't wait for the theories about: Is Mustard related to En?

  5. What kind of terminally online mf needs people on tv to look like them? Genz is a different type of ill

  6. Bruv the Street Fighter 2 cast is literally called the World Warriors and the first playable female in a fighting game

  7. You're acting like the Street Fighter franchise is a stranger to representing people from around the world as if the most famous iteration of Street Fighter isn't known for its diverse cast 💀

  8. As per standard anime trope, Todoroki will be the one to ask where babies come from because he genuinely doesn’t know or pretends to be a overly protected child.

  9. invisible hair... sounds like a huge challenge even for the best fictional tailor out there.

  10. I guess the issue there is, well, her hair is invisible so it'd be super hard to sew them together.

  11. Having fame is infinitely worse than the obvious alternative tho, which would be to be able to store credits instead of being forced to have them transferred into fame

  12. Percentage wise 1 is mathematically infinitely bigger than 0

  13. If they bring him back it better be for the sole reason that he's responsible for whatever the fuck happened with Ken

  14. Deku also tries to 100% punch Tomura in season 1, but the USJ nomu jumped in the way. Tomura points out that the heroes are hypocrites because that definitely would've pasted him since he had no durability back then.

  15. Season 2 explains that he subconsciously held back when going to hit Tomura because it was his first time hitting a human with intent

  16. Idk, Steven has a power set inherited from his Diamond mother that encompasses aspects of multiple main JoJos. He has a near time stop (it isn’t as strong but it seemingly lasts longer), he can heal almost anything (including himself) and can create an army of plants out of nothing. He also gets all sorts of gem powers including his impenetrable shield, strength and durability

  17. Steven's still mortal though and half-human, I feel like he'll get obliterated by The World or even Part 1 Dio vampire powers

  18. Nah man, Steven as a child has more durability than jotaro, his family are literal superpowered aliens and he would have died multiple times over in the first season if he were normal. He gets punched by the strongest gem in the show so far full force in the face and gets knocked out with a black eye, when that same character is seen punching rocks apart.

  19. To be fair during his initial capture, Jasper didn't plan on killing him when she knocked him out. If she was going to punch with full force at that level where Steven was at his head would've definitely split.

  20. We only have a one-shot of Nine but that hardly counts as a backstory, moreso just an explanation of how Garaki got in contact with him

  21. Street Fighter is inherently sexy. We should be comfortable with our sexuality and our appeal and not demean ourselves for the sake of others. If you dislike it, that’s fine, but the franchise has always been this way, and you shouldn’t call others “depraved” because Juri isn’t wearing a Nun outfit

  22. Yeah Street Fighter has sex appeal but the proportions on these are worse than normal

  23. The middle bottom 3 have no hate because no one remembers that they exist

  24. They have had people exploding, child murder and torture, family abuse, domestic sexual abuse, etc. I ain't saying it DID happen. I'm saying it COULD'VE. We've seen people die, even side characters. Why make her the only off screen?

  25. The people who killed her are from the Meta Liberation Army, doing anything like that to her would tank what they stand for

  26. Motherfucker out here acting like his reading comprehension is on another level and then immediately backpedals and shits on any intelligent discussion regarding nuance

  27. There are people actually like this, but mostly on twitter

  28. Combined successive release of Byleth and Min Min made Smash players feel like FP2 wasn't going to be good, then Steve dropped out of nowhere

  29. “Strawman” is a real word, “strawmanning” is not a real word, nor is it mentioned in the Wikipedia page you sent me. Keep being cringe my dude.

  30. "Others, however, have argued against steelmanning because it still changes the argument given and can result in strawmanning.[22][23][24] "

  31. Right because Wikipedia is such a reliable source of information that colleges and schools across the nation declare it “not a credible source for information” and ban students from citing it in their essays and research documents. 💀

  32. Genetic fallacy, lol try again. Keep pushing the goalpost while you're at it

  33. Manual, Native and Rocklock sweep incoming

  34. I really disliked the gentle criminal arc. I could have really gone without either of them ever coming back. This creepy old man and this busty child that are in love? Nope, not chad, that's straight pedo. Minetta level cringe. Hate it.

  35. I like to bag on Pedo MHA fans as much as the next guy but Gentle and La Brava ain't it

  36. Lmao yeah get back to me when you have kids and are running on literal fumes and you want thirty minutes to yourself. People who don’t have their own kids just don’t get it. I was super judgmental too UNTIL I had kids.

  37. I'm the eldest of 6 taking care of my siblings while both my parents bust their ass at work, I practically spend most of the time with their kids and the age gap between me and my siblings makes people think that I'm the father.

  38. Still not your own kids. If it’s not everyday and it’s just 30 min every once in a while what is the harm? Parents mental health is important too for being a good parent. Like put the show on your laptop with headphones on while your kid does something else. My husband works almost 7 days a week. He is almost never home when I put them to bed. I take care of my two boys almost all by myself, not to mention all the other stuff that needs to get done, plus I also work part time. I need a small break every once in a while or I will go crazy. If my kid can play with blocks for thirty minutes sometimes while I watch something with him in the background, I don’t see the issue

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