1. Can you spec black audi rings from factory for s3 now?

  2. Yes but I had to go into the dealership and add them after I ordered the car. It was 315 for the rings and badges

  3. Super clean! I hope you like it, please post more of it I’d love to see more.

  4. I ordered my 2023 S3 on August 1st and it should be here December 21st. From the forums it seems that there is no rhyme or reason for which cars get built and when. Just stay on your dealer for updates as they have the best info.

  5. How long did it take once your car went into production? Got the email yesterday that my S3 is in production and I’m trying to get a better idea of how much time I have left. Congrats on the quick turnaround for your S5!

  6. That’s not too bad. There’s a green one in ny that I really wanted to get. But haven’t asked if they were asking msrp. I’m on the fence. I have a 6 month old and not sure if the car would be too small.

  7. I watched a review where the guy put a car seat in the back. It fit facing forward but not backwards. Can’t remember which one it was but it is doable.

  8. That’s a pretty standard markup. Unless you’re ordering the RS3 most dealers are marking them up. Someone at my local dealership ordered an RS3 and decided not to take it so the dealership added 5k. Told them I’d buy it today for the MSRP and they said no.

  9. well i found another dealership 3 hours away not charging markup and just told the dealership from the photo about it. So they can sell it to me and i can stay in town or ill drive 3 hours and save 5k

  10. Yep best you can do is work with a dealership for one of their allocated cars that’s still configurable. That’s how I scored an S4 that will hopefully be here in a couple months.

  11. Any update on this? I ordered an allocated S3 and was hoping to hear they move the allocated builds quickly

  12. Got mine last month after puting an order in August 2021. Everyday felt like forever but I have no regret! Lots of fun

  13. I figured it might take a long time but now I have time to save up for an even bigger down payment with a light at the end of the tunnel! What color did you go with? I went Turbo Blue.

  14. I will try to play one ball all round and then not use it again. If I lose one then same rule applies just finish that round and use a new ball next round.

  15. Received on February 25th! Love them so much I went back and ordered a 4 iron for the set.

  16. It’s user preference. If you have a 4 iron and can hit it well (230ish) then you don’t need a 5 wood. How many times do you hit a 5 wood each round? I would much rather have options at the bottom of my bag then the top.

  17. I bought 225s in December. Got them late February. Now I want to return them and get a 225/223 combo set but luckily I get to hold onto the full 225 set until they’re done.

  18. Mizuno STG-220. Ultimate tinker driver so you can mess with it as much as you’d like until you find a setting that fits.

  19. If you are breaking 80, scoring correctly, and playing from the tips then I would say you are in the top 2 percent. Need all three though.

  20. Well unfortunately today I only had 2 I shot an 82

  21. Have you tried moving all of your change from the left pocket to the right pocket?

  22. You’re flipping for sure. How’s your wedge game? Flippers tend to have issues around the green. If this sounds like you then we found the issue.

  23. My buddy just got fit yesterday and he is 6’6”. He went 3/4 inch above standard. Depending on the shaft you can go a bit longer but note that longer shafts mean more weight and they widen towards the grip which can be really off putting and feel like a baseball bat.

  24. I use my 2 iron Mizuno Pro Fli Hi off the tee on tight fairways and when it’s windy out. I have a 3 wood as well and the 2 iron and 3 wood go similar distances but have different ball flights. It’s all about preference. If you are comfortable hitting the 2 iron then use it.

  25. I have been hearing good things about the Mizuno Fli Hi, I may upgrade to that club eventually, I’ll see if my pro golf discount has it; and I’ll use it at the sim. As I get progress, and get better I will surely use the hybrids, and woods accordingly, I just am not there yet.

  26. It is the black one yes. This is my first 2 iron, took the 5 wood out of the bag in favor of the lower piercing ball flight and I am very happy with it. I would say get fit for one when you are ready because Mizuno offers a lot of different shafts that could suit your swing!

  27. I’ve hit both. The Rogue ST feels bigger in my opinion and while they are very forgiving I lost a lot of distance on shots not out of or close to the center. I personally liked the feel of the mavericks better as I didn’t lose distance on bad shots and they are rockets.

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