1. I'm day 4 into the "30 day fusion 360 for beginners" and it's been helpful with understanding processes. Hope it helps

  2. Looks like someone painted them white. The value would depend on the condition of the drivers and if they have been updated. If it's all original, I would think this would be worth less than the market will allow based on the painted cabinets. I sold a pair of cornwalls for $600 and one for $1500, the only difference were the condition of the cabinets

  3. Reviving an old thread, but how is this doing now? How would I go about getting one of these?

  4. I love it. Only issue I ran into was a stud in the wall, but i just moved the thermostat a few inches to the right. As long as you don't find yourself using the thermostat, this is great for giving it a better look. Mounting in the plate prevents people from tampering with the temperature. I can send you the file if it's for personal use. Message me your email address and I'll forward it over.

  5. My other 3 don't jump either. Muffins was found in a small cage in my neighborhood. She was thrilled to get out and stay out. Constantly jumping for joy 😂

  6. Thank you everyone for the love. I know it was a risk but for his health I decided to do it. The vet I chose has done over a hundred neuters and spays. His heart just couldn’t take it. I want to say that I’m still supportive of spaying and neutering your buns! Thank you everyone for commenting. It has warmed my heart in this dark time.

  7. This happened to us as well. Worst phone call I've ever had. I'm sorry for your loss. Rest easy, little Stuart ❤️

  8. 1-Set up dakboard on their website 2-castdeck the url to your chromecast or firestick 3-consume a beer as you celebrate this glorious achievement

  9. I'm using a cheap TV and a first gen chromecast that I had laying around. Cost me nothing since I had this stuff laying around

  10. I'm on wifi on a different floor than the router. I've tried it on the same floor with the same result. Unfortunately wired isn't possible in my case.

  11. We got a mesh router system and wired the series X and pc to the access points. No more lag. We use Google wifi

  12. 32" TCL 720p. It works pretty good as a dashboard so far

  13. I haven't ever tried a Chromecast before for Dakboard always went Pi, but recently bought a box of old Chromecasts for dirt cheap from a business that closed.

  14. I used castdeck to cast the url to the chromecast. Haven't touched it since. I have the chromecast hooked up to constant power. Not sure if that answers your question, but let me know if I can help you in any way

  15. The amount of poorly packaged, poorly described and overall poor performance I receive from sellers (big or small) is wild.

  16. First thing i would consider is the quality of your shipping labels. If you're getting that many INR's, maybe your labels are getting damaged or falling off. Go thermal

  17. Probably plant skellies on that ship. Those are just harder to take down

  18. Sounds like what my mother has been dealing with. She is struggling with hives and made so many adjustments to her diet and lifestyle, just to find a month of peace and then hives again. It's really cramping her retirement and I wish there was a solution. I hope you find it too!

  19. You must have a defective battery or some power hungry apps.

  20. Get an old toothbrush, a microfiber rag and some rubbing alcohol. Scrub and wipe till clean

  21. Multiple offers usually get followed up by partial refund requests. Some people are just not worth dealing with.

  22. Check connections. Something is crossed or out of place

  23. If you aren't already, record the serial numbers of what you sell. There is a chance they just put that battery in a known broken one to return to you and use/sell the good one you sent.

  24. For sure. It's documented in the listings. Haven't had that issue before, thankfully

  25. Just clean them. If you're willing to go through the trouble of removing them, you can open them up by force and clean the internals. I've yet to come across a unit that couldn't be salvaged

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