1. Tote bins cut down to size, or another tote-like bin from that isle in walmart, then wander over to homedepot and grab a wet-dry shop vac, suck the water up and dump.

  2. When I saw the price one of my kidney stones went "YOOOOOO" hahahaha!

  3. Same, I also blow thru a zip in about 5-7 days, having homegrow sprinkled in there helps a lot.

  4. THANK YOU! was about to add this to my cart LOL!! You've done a good deed for the day my dude :)

  5. If your balcony is a nice safe spot to take a Puffco Peak Pro, then I'd HIGHLY recommend investing in one, they're on sale at the herb cafe, that's the place many of us buy vape gear like the Yocan Uni Pro for the 510 carts,

  6. ooo that big chonky stem is for sure a quality control issue, no reasonable excuses for that!

  7. In my sock drawer is a sack of seeds from that era, I know there's pink kush in there, just a matter of finding it... see ya in 10 years lol!

  8. I've cut myself on multiple beverage lock-out systems, the black one scared me so much I use needle nose pliers to open them...

  9. Where did you get them? No sources in Canada it seems.

  10. Because it's an explosive device made in a firecracker factory LOL!! They actually shoot flaming bits of shrapnel, highly dangerous.

  11. Airbags are a very tightly regulated and monitored, legally required safety device, there's a massive difference between airbags and cheap fireworks with powder balls around them, be realistic.

  12. You can totally bake them into a box of brownies/cake mix, I made boxed brownies the other day with homemade canna oil and they were awesome.

  13. I’m pretty sure actually you don’t want to bake with it. It uses MCT, which shouldn’t be heated. (It says not to smoke/vape it on OCS’ product description). You can always still just put it on the finished product!

  14. MCT oil is 100% fine to cook with, whereas people shouldn't inhale MCT oil.

  15. The coolest intake filter I saw on here was 2 years ago and they had 6 inch flex hose in both bottom vents that connected to a tote bin that had a furnace filter window cut into the lid, so the air passed thru the filter into the tote, then down the 6 inch flex hoses and into the tent. This is the passive version, I suspect an active version would be easily adapted.

  16. Got my Dabpress 6 ton in 2021 and it's been amazing!!! Both are made by the same manufacturer, the rositek looks fine, it's got the dual PID same as the 6ton, they only started making rositek and lukpress recently, I think it's a regional thing, as in, they want to have different products for different markets globally.

  17. They looked like similar workmanship so I wondered. The thing that caught my eye with the dabpress was the two arms for angling the press for gravity drip. I imagine I could set something up similar for the Rositek 8 ton then.

  18. I've not used my arms for drip configuration at all yet :P I slapped them on, hooked my arm on one and said "nope" HAHAHA! The real reason I went with the 6-ton Dabpress was the steel frame, a lot of presses use aluminum frames, which, unless it's certified 6000 or 7000 series aluminum, I'd rather have plain old steel which is indestructible under 6 tons of force, not possible to break the steel frame.

  19. I'll be suckling a bottle of the RSO like Ken Griffey Jr. in the Simpsons Talking Softball

  20. You may want to look into these as well.

  21. OH very cool!!! adding this to the list of things to buy, I can slap this puppy on as soon as I come out of general anesthetic, I'll be crawlin to my pants to get this and the spray lol.

  22. I agree, the freezer is full of brownies and cookies but I really can't be arsed to grow a CBD and then balance it 2:1 in a gummy and make it shelf stable.

  23. Haha same! I haven’t made brownies… but hundreds of gummies and dozen and dozens of cookies 😆

  24. woah woah woah woah, this is exactly what I'll be needing after my surgery!!!! Holy fuck thanks f or posting this, going to find and buy one to have ready, i'll be vapin in the wheelchair on the way out the door like Nate Diaz after Diaz/McGregor 2 hahahahah!

  25. That's no good, if companies want to survive, they need better quality control processes. That's why Toronto Chinese gang weed was so good in the 2000's, very strict quality control, every bud was perfect.

  26. pretty sure those dudes were trimming at literal gunpoint though, so i think we could do with a happy medium lmao

  27. OH ya it was a terrible situation for sure, I wonder where all those trimmers are now.

  28. Been vaping over 10 years, the main reason most go to box style "mods" is because they have a much larger battery. For people who chain vape, a pen style can go dead in a matter of hours and leave us fucked without a vape. OH and I also hate pens because they fall over on my desk, my box mods just sit there, like the Yocan Uni Pro, it's never fallen over on me :)

  29. Here after seeing the Trash Taste episode with him... my god he skips leg day!!

  30. 1st things 1st, jack that light up to 28-32 inches above the plants, then crank the power to 100% and never dim it again lol, in time you can raise and lower the light at 100% and learn how plants respond.

  31. Because people on this subreddit are addicted to dimmers, there's nothing wrong with dimmers except they confuse new growers, having the ability to dim your light only adds a layer of complexity to the already overwhelmingly complex task for a NEW grower.

  32. Nice! both look fantastic, easily something I'd gift to a friend for a special occasion :)

  33. I expected it to be garbage quality, why would you think a seed company would produce a good box?

  34. Like 5 DMs right away, saying diff Tele usernames and recommending to buy from there.

  35. Insane, I'd not smoke hash from anywhere but a LP orrrrrrrrr the Tyendinaga reservation down the road here, they got some amazing hash eh!!! Every time I go over there I end up with a bucket of different hashes :D

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