1. Still cute and still stealing remotes, now i cant change the channel 😍

  2. If someone wants to real they ate trans that's up to them. To invade their privacy is very disrespectful. Trans women are women. Trans men are men. To treat them differently because you think they are trans, IMHO, diminishes that. It's like with any Cisco person if they want to share their journey to where they are in life including struggles, its on them to decide who to share it with, not anyone else.

  3. If you talk to God that's all good, if he talks back to you then you need to get yourself checked

  4. If he knows you're sensitive that would feel pretty rough, I would probably be thinking the same, give it some time...

  5. Hi f*cking I'm Mars that's some funky style you have going on, exquisite, keep going 👌

  6. Thank you for your nice comment Ms. Marzipan, however I would like to be referred as Mr. Handsome

  7. Putting on some weight might help getting a rounder/fuller face

  8. Those are awesome games thank you I’ll check them out. I really want to get into the tropics games I’ve watched a couple let’s plays and they look great! Thank you!

  9. 1st Wavy blonde, 2nd wavy brown, 3rd straight black, 4th straight blonde, anyway you're very good looking with any 🤩

  10. The whole situation is so sad... would give you a big hug if I could.. even today is not easy to ask for help as there's still so much stigma around it, people try not to but reality is different. Also sometimes when we struggle we can't acknowledge what we're going through which in turn makes things even harder

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