5-year-old Alberto Cartuccia Cingolani performing some Mozart.

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  1. Congrats. Also I think you’re strong enough to hit 40+, go for it

  2. I’m still working on 34 rn, just a little difficult.

  3. Is it hard? How much money did you spend, on what? Why are you using Boomerang, Laser and Durian tech part?

  4. That’s all I have in a better tier so u might as well keep them on until I get something better. I only bought the small growth and the big monthly vip.

  5. I don’t think he’s struggling, this is just a flex picture. If he wanted to really beat it he could spend gems to advance in any way, gear, extra life, etc.

  6. Insufficient attack. Better to have at least 6000

  7. There’s no way you’re a guy sitting with your knees touching.

  8. I beat 20 a couple of days ago, had similar stats to you but only my boots were yellow.

  9. I just beat it a few hours ago, my strategy was to upgrade the durian as quickly as possible and follow it. Luckily I had the epic part for it where it’ll always stay nearby. So I’d follow behind while it knocks all of the mobs out the way.

  10. personally i wouldn’t wait. drop chances are no higher, and there is no guarantee for excellents every 10 pulls. unless you are opening 100 chests, not worth it. not to mention if you don’t get to 50, you’re losing out on working towards ur next S tier

  11. Guardian becomes great late game, especially when you have the tech part for it. You’d Be able to knock enemies back which would help create a safe path to escape. When you get higher in the chapters the mobs become very tanky. That results to you having to run around until the boss spawns so you’d be able to complete that chapter.

  12. Just a little tip, don’t rely on the ff later on into the game. They’re very useless in my opinion.

  13. sorry but what is the double gem first purchase bonus? I've never heard of that

  14. You get a bonus, pretty much double of what ever gem package you purchased for the first time. So all in all he has 28k gems if I’m not mistaken.

  15. Level 73, Ch 50 and have never once received a green, let alone a blue.

  16. Any tips on how to reach that far? I’m level 20 stuck on stage 12

  17. Why do child prodigies always have that bowl haircut?

  18. Looks like he has bags and dark circles around his eyes. He’s too you to look so stressed and tired. Very talented tho

  19. It's fine if an oak says it but the moment the birches start talking with it, they gonna have a tree war

  20. Nbs I’m crying at what you said, it amazes me in how people come up with things like that😂

  21. Your odds of getting hit in the nuts at any time is extremely low, but never zero.

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