1. The event was generally disliked and I think people have right to complain. Or how do you propose people should send the feedback to Bungie?

  2. I haven’t seen a single positive post in a while. All I’ve seen are posts about how either this one was bad or how the telesto one was stupid. I don’t care if there are posts saying people don’t like things. I have an issue when it’s all I see

  3. I know it might be a wild opinion, but maybe... maybe you havent seen a positive post in a while because not much positive has happened in a few months.

  4. It is literally just a different color palette of the light effects and a bra...

  5. Congrats... so happy for you... yay...

  6. Battlegrounds desperately need high level mode. The enemy density is so great I would love to see it as a nightfall.

  7. It doesn’t even have enough content to keep you occupied for 20-30 minutes. 😂🤣

  8. Thank you for your opinion. You can promptly leave this subreddit now since nobody cares what bitter reason you have spread this negativity.

  9. Developers clearly stated, that they are stopping any development of Anthem. This game is not selling for more 10 dollars, which is appropriate for the amount of content it has.

  10. Oh yeah, and Bungie can consider themselves lucky people find out a way how to cheese it.

  11. Thats really not the point here, is it.

  12. I mean... Event ended in 1 day so its definitely not "all this work".

  13. And bungie might consider themselves to be lucky people found a way how to cheese it in 24 hours.

  14. I bought this game only because of the combat in the demo with zero interest in the story or anime.

  15. Lesson learned: If you ignore entire major sections of the game, you probably won’t have fun

  16. Well i wasnt complaining. I just told my experience.

  17. They only added decorative things because those are physical objects you can pull from a "gallery" and place it somewhere. Its literally zero additional work for Bungie.

  18. Because the event doesn’t matter and the area doesn’t get used. They’re not getting away with anything because they never lied.

  19. Oh my god, lets collectively wonder why would developers put an effort into developing their game. A Nobel price is prepared for anyone who can answer this question tormenting humanity for thousands of years.

  20. The only reason he is still dead is because the voice actor refuses to work on D2. Otherwise trust me, they would find a way to violate his grave for money.

  21. You fail to realize the entire events of Forsaken and everything afterwards would be rendered pointless if they just decided to bring Cayde back. You want your funny robot man back, I want the narrative to not have a monkey wrench thrown into it.

  22. I dont want him back… I thought my entire post is screaming me shaming Bungie for not having a single sacred think when there is money to be made…

  23. You are not forced to do anything. If you dont like a video game challenge, just dont do it. Its a game, you can turn it off you know.

  24. Because D2 has some great songs, but its far from the best in the industry. Single player games will always be better because the songs are tailored to a highly scripted scenario. We havent had such a thing for a long time in D2 since you usually just stand there like a 3rd wheel and watch what happens.

  25. Do you have any goals he's working towards such as being able to deep throat or any soft limits that he's willing to explore to be set free?

  26. Thats a neat idea. I love when he swallows at the end, but he is not that much into it. Maybe chastity would be a great way for him to train...

  27. Oh yeah, enjoy the massive a week lasting headache from the fried brain. With other drugs you can get relief of you use again, but thats not the case for an LSD. It will get worse with each dose.

  28. You are free to waste your empathy on those barely sentient selectivaly breed meat balls if you want but don't expect to do the same.

  29. How do you know that the threshold for amount of people the earth can hold isn’t 50 billion? What makes you think it’s so low?

  30. Because there have been done several studies of how many people Earth can sustain.

  31. Can you refer me to a source indicating such a consensus?

  32. No. I don’t know you, what makes you think I am taking a homework for you?

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