1. Same here. For a long time (when I was a kid) I didn’t even know they used to be alive because I’ve only ever seen dead ones

  2. A kid? I’m almost 28 and had no idea.. idc if I get down voted for being dumb lol this blew my mind

  3. Yeah especially him being intoxicated (I’m assuming) and dealing with the embarrassment from getting his ass kicked by a child.. impressed that he didn’t try connecting with anything he could at that point

  4. Genuinely annoying me how rude some people are to him… that could be anyone’s father one day. It’s sad. Age is a scary inevitable thing.

  5. Nah dude this is like next level embarrassing.. you couldn’t torture this video out of me and you just willingly blasted it? Cmon man.. please consider deleting.. seriously I’m tryna help you.

  6. … fucking hell you’re weird lol ok bud good luck. I guess some people enjoy the outcast/incel life. More power to you.

  7. This post was taking down because a BULLY got his a** kicked by the kid he was picking on?! If anything thing it's teaching multiple lessons. Like how not to mess with someone you assume is weaker than you are. IM GLAD HE KICKED HIS ASS and EMBARRASSED HIM infront of EVERYONE. Anyways.... Wth is up with reddit?? The murders, stabbing, shooting, choking, suicide, etc. is ok??? But this video of SELF DEFENSE because of a bully isn't ok and gets taken down?! Wooow!

  8. Exactly what I thought.. also they banned me for a week for “promoting bullying” and say they have no tolerance for bullying

  9. I never understand the people just screaming in the back ground. It’s a mild fist fight, not a dude murdering people.

  10. People still live in the times of “you can’t hit a woman” so I’m sure that’s where a lot of the shock and stuff comes from with the spectators. People need to learn to keep their hands to themselves lol hopefully this is a valid lesson that you can’t hit strangers and not expect anything to come back your way just because you’re a female. Black guy was 100% a victim and did nothing wrong here in my opinion.

  11. Nah, it’s crucial for them to know if Theresa can afford that extra sticker

  12. Dude is literally talking to himself from 2 accounts to farm karma. This whole thread is filled with bots.

  13. They saying me and you are bots bro and we farming Karma shit funny to me…crazy how they want us to kill each other but two bros can’t have a laugh together without being called bots people Crazy MarketBuzz2021 I appreciate you bro stay REAL

  14. Weird people man hahaha I’ve never known a bot that hands out awards.. but hey brother I appreciate you! Real talk. Here’s some more gold

  15. I can't understand one word she says. I can make out a few words, but wtf is she saying?

  16. “Take a picture Byshawn take a picture and send it to me. I’m gonna sit down and calm the fuck down and that an that uh that whatcha call it”

  17. Bruh she’s having a mental breakdown on a phone call she doesn’t expect to ever be heard by anyone else so I’m sure she’s not focused on “sounding smart” for some random judgmental redditor.. I’d imagine if someone recorded you going through a crisis you wouldn’t sound all too smart either.

  18. Yeah my dad was the same.. he had Rottweilers his whole life until one day my mom brought home a tea cup Maltese… he tried playing it off like he didn’t want her but within an hour he was rolling on the ground with her playing

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