1. You'll be forced to buy certain Cars to complete certain races. One of my fav cars in C Class is the Audi R8 lms ultra. It drives really well and can be upgraded to blow away any competition.

  2. Ya click on purchases and click on the thing you bought then scroll down and towards the bottom you should see a feedback button.

  3. Mother's has a product called back to black. Put some on a rag and wipe it away. Hopefully that would work.

  4. Like the one guy said, if your not comfortable selling the Guitar to them Don't Do It. Make up a excuse and move on. Like you said the person made a new account and wants to ask for odd ways for you to send the Guitar to them. Screw that. Advertise it on Facebook and put local pickup only on it or something.

  5. Congrats! That's quite a Car. I'm digging the Wheels.

  6. I bought a Godin less than 2 years ago for $900 and now it retails for $1300. How the frack did that happen?

  7. Ya it's Crazy how high prices went on Guitars! My last Guitar was the most $$$ I ever spent. It Sucks.

  8. Yup, I used to be mostly a sub $1k guy but now I'm at $1k to $1,500. It's madness. I don't feel like I'm getting better value paying these prices, just paying more.

  9. It's a Beautiful Guitar. It feels and looks really nice. It's a classy instrument. The neck feels really good and it's easy to play. You can get a wide variety of tones with the 5 way selector switch. The Sustainiac is fun to experiment with. It's a very nice Guitar. I bought a used one several years ago that was mint and I really like it. It's a bit heavy but that gives it a premium feel. Congrats! I hope you love it!

  10. Ps 5 and bought Lightroom as soon as it came out.

  11. If your lucky to be able shoot this again try getting the Monkey father away from the fence then force the Camera to focus though the fence to the monkey and if the monkeys far enough away you won't see the fence at all.

  12. Try making your image sepia and then running a heavy handed noise filter with the sharpening turned up. It'll get you close to that. You may have to run the noise filter a few times.

  13. That's what I was gonna say. Screen shot it.

  14. I'm not good at hand to hand combat.

  15. When buying from people that don't have hardly any feedback or haven't gone to the trouble to have a profile picture. Ask detailed questions about the instrument. Ask for more pictures. Ask why they are selling it and what they're getting next. Most scammers have just posted a picture they found on the net and don't really know anything about what their supposedly selling. Don't buy from anyone that just accepts Paypal. Don't buy from people out of your country.

  16. Looks like a nice group of Guys. 👀

  17. Beautiful! Can never go wrong with Black and Gold

  18. Have you tried KWGT? Is that messed up to? I'm planning on getting the 23 ultra. I use both those apps allot.

  19. I did a few quick tests and Kwgt seems to be fine!

  20. That's Cool, thanks for the feedback.

  21. Yes I do agree!! Incoming traffic in a racing game sucks!

  22. Ya I'm in the same situation. Only way I see is to get the Purple parts and then convert them to yellow ones. Getting the Devel Sixteen Prototype has been a Game changer. It's faster than most things but doesn't turn well so you do allot of drifting. Using that car on certain tracks that don't have allot of turns will get you the yellow parts. Do everything you can to get that car. It changes everything. You don't really even have to upgrade it. Use it to win parts to upgrade your other cars.

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