1. The dispensaries dont stock anything because the LLCS aren't producing it. They all realized that the Citizen Market and Mi has them beat when it comes to concentrate - so they don't try.

  2. Would be nice to be able to get clones locally here in Ohio instead of all the people of Ohio having to go to Michigan to get clones.

  3. "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

  4. The one that was dunking the herb in fluids to clean the herb, knew exactly what they were doing. (MMCP forced them to stop cleaning herb like that, but they still have a BudBox.)

  5. I have seen product that was absolutely rotting from Botrytis and completely full of mycelium and hyphae. It was gamma remediated and sold as flower

  6. Yeah - lots of commercial growers who don't know what they are doing have to clean the herb to be able to pass testing to be able to sell it as herb.

  7. “We are greedy and won’t drop our prices so we are not sure why there is no demand”

  8. I defenitly understand the Michigan market right now. They are providing double the quality for half the price of Ohio. We still have a capped thc % on concentrates which makes me not even want to buy them in the first place. We dont store them right in the stores, etc etc. all around just not a program for concentrates, which i defenitly understand that. Need to get well connected again for quality rosin from the north. LambChop Terps/Connosieur Creations honorable mentions, puts out absolute consistent funky terps. alot of Ohio street plugs or even alot of dispo employes cant differ between cocentrates Bho, Co2 live resin live sugar an live rosin which tells you enough off rips. This program is not for me who is always on the hunt for unique terps

  9. I just thought of another reason why the inventory levels may be lower than they have been in weeks past.

  10. Wow this makes lot of sense, if this bill were to pass, man we would be taking a step in the right direction. i can see how an LLC would choose to wait before producing more extracts for sure. Man im really hoping this is the case instead of having to go north, this would eliminate (hopefully) the need to cut with CBD, giving us a way more tasty an potent cold cure live rosin we are looking for. Like the Michigan concentrates where those terps are just dripping in the container

  11. The OMCIA (a lot of cultivators) is against SB9 passing as they do not want competition. They feel they paid to participate in this oligopoly and do not want other LLCS to join the industry in Ohio.

  12. At this point, if a product doesn't specify "100% single strain" I assume it could be a mixture of who knows what. They play so loose with the descriptions. I have luster pods from FS that say "Cannabis Oil with House-Grown Subcritical Strain-Specific Terpenes".

  13. The LLCS have to turn flower that has not been sold into GOO before it expires. Then they have longer to use it.

  14. The more expensive live resin products are the products that typically have real cannabis terpenes in them that are from cannabis plants harvested in the program.

  15. I believe you're reading the figures wrong. The 160k is active patients with both active recommendations and active cards

  16. Correct. The 160,121 is the Active Patients with a Active card and Active registration. (meaning they have made a purchase)

  17. Woodward has been pretty mid from what i've seen recently and is insanely overpriced. Galenas hits sometimes but it is also insanely overpriced

  18. It would be nice if Woodward and Galenas had been able to get a level 1 license instead of a level 2 license, but because of them being a level 2 - they can only produce a fraction of the cannabis that the level 1 facilities are able to produce.

  19. It may be an issue with the actual task manager in Windows. Evidently, Microsoft knows there is an issue with how the task manager reports this stuff.

  20. Most of our edibles are made with distillate like this product. Made with a single cannaboid THC. Doesn't seem very medical to me. It bothers me to bc this is my grandma's favorite product and I try to explain how ripped off she's getting and she's not getting the entourage effect but I'm preaching to the wind haha.

  21. We have no home growing in the program, so the LLCS have not been trying. The only competition they have is other LLCS. A lot of them are in a big group together.

  22. WoodWard/FireRock does the same shit with its smalls vs its normal containers and again - commerce didn't give a shit.

  23. I asked this question above but I'll ask it again...what's the issue I must be missing it. Are you saying that they should have to test based on bud size? How would you even write that rule?

  24. They sent out a newsletter to the LLCS to explain it to them at the start of the program. If the batch is not homogenous and has been graded and/or prepared differently than the rest of the batch, it should have its own test. The tops of the plants are more mature than the lower parts of the plants and will have higher testing results for the portion of the batch that is graded that is nothing but colas and upper portions of the plant. The midsection and lower will have lower testing results than those upper portions. Things that have been auto trimmed vs things that have been hand trimmed would also test differently.

  25. The para trooper drops are getting insane. Its like, the AI calls in for help and they just keep coming and coming and coming....

  26. Ive been spending season 2 loading into Dmz, then hiding for about 20 minutes, then try to extract/die. Battlepass is tied to in game time, so its the only efficient way to progress the battlepass without rubberbanding my controller in mp and ruining other peoples fun ive found.

  27. Are the artifacts in fifths? That’s what ya gotta axe yerself first

  28. Since this thread was deleted yesterday, I’ll copy/paste what I commented in the old thread:

  29. Yeah, I keep having to re-make it. The industry keeps getting it flagged.

  30. Is there not a care giver program where someone can grow for you?

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