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  1. No it’s good because the corruption cancels out at since their on two opposite political extremes it actually evens out to a reasonable politician

  2. When you come across a beautiful river while on a hike, do you imagine the water that flowed there years, months, weeks past? Do you imagine the brown, murky waters after a mudslide happened near its origin? No. You see a beautiful river with clear transparent water surrounded by amazing nature, and you appreciate the moment you are living in.

  3. Every time I go on this godforsaken website I realize that even if I had a real shitty day, I’m still doing better than these nuts. Good night

  4. I will only watch football highlights with cartoon sound effects on them from now on

  5. I mean sure, but he really shouldn’t bring back the chewing tabaco. He’s fighting that addiction hard and we should support him

  6. Holy shit, imagine this guy having kids with that last name and those kids having to go to school. That’s a fucked up experience overall

  7. If Jerma does a gag where he, at some point, is hit by a foul ball and dies, I’ll upload a video of me squishing a cake with my bare feet

  8. Everybody deals with pain in different ways king. Just remember that it’s ok if you feel like shit today, next week, maybe even next month, but you’ll get better with time.

  9. This post convinced me to close Reddit and go to sleep. This is the worst thing I’ve seen in at least a couple of weeks

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