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  1. Genuinely curious here, was the layout created by everyone or is that how it generated?

  2. The world was generated that way but we just divided it up into those areas

  3. Make it "hardcore" and when players die they get send to Brazil.

  4. 1650 would do OK in this build, if possible to maybe look into 20 series cards like a 2060 not the 12 gb models because they are stupid price, or a 2060ti,of course dependent on the price difference but will be a noticeable difference, plus you get dlss support

  5. Something like that, of course if it is in his budget

  6. yep! idk if i should make it 1v1v1v1 or a 1v1 what do you think i should do?

  7. I am going to suppose it was a glitch with the shaders because it only happened for a few seconds

  8. Lol either this guy is joking or he doesn't know what a club is xD

  9. hook up conveyor belt and a piston door to a pulse extender

  10. Just Google it. Yours looks exactly like every other one out there. Don't pretend you thought of this yourself. Muting now.

  11. your just mad you cant build that xD also if you do google it i dont see anything exactly like that and if there is give me a link >:P

  12. Happened to be a couple months ago but I moved it inside my base and light proofed it with like 3 stacks of sea lanterns

  13. Lol the thing is I cant make one in my base since I'm on a survival server and the portals would link up :L

  14. There’s nothing a bit of decorative furniture won’t fix. Except for my parent’s marriage.

  15. Yea I know, where the central area is and where my beds are is sorta bland :L

  16. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure this is fake because you said this is a starter base but you have fully weathered copper with a flower on top of it. But the thing is that copper has 4 stages and it take about 50 - 82 Minecraft days in loaded chunks for it to go through one stage so I don't think there's any way you still have a starter base and there is fully oxidized copper, but once again I could be wrong. :L

  17. If this guys doesnt give seed and cords its fake cuz i dont think bamboo generate on gravel :L

  18. This was a tutorial for the same exact thing by SheepGG, rly man.. -_-

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