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  2. Welcome 😎😎 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

  3. From News : On the afternoon of July 3, the Stockholm police were called to the platform of the Hokarangens metro station. A few moments earlier, a man was pushed onto the railroad tracks by an unknown woman.

  4. Mali on Tuesday received military jets and a combat helicopter from Russia.

  5. Oh ok obrigado pela informação , és natural de Loures ?

  6. The 40-year-old broke the news in an article for Vogue published on Tuesday.

  7. Kenya's Maasai tribesmen stood in long lines at polling stations on Tuesday as voting got underway in Kenya's presidential election.

  8. secção de comentários: "haha pretos lol, não posso dizer que andam à porrada porque senão sou racista mas isso é a verdade!!!!!!"

  9. Quando sao pretos a lutar a sempre comentarios que soam racistas.

  10. bruh. betos são brancos... o que é que tás praí a dizer? nunca ouves merdas a falar de angola ou o crlh.

  11. WTF bruh , tás a falar do quê Man ?? Angola ?

  12. seat adjustment mod. although this truck you can see the ground through the hood so it kind of ruins the immersion lol

  13. Officials in Canada’s easternmost province have issued a state of emergency as crews battle the worst wildfires the region has experienced in more than half a century.

  14. That's a shopping center, and Nairobi is not a village.


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