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  1. 1,134,065 shares totaling ~$5M and bringing total share count to 5,087,751 shares. 20% add to his position beyond his other purchases and RSU/PSUs.

  2. Here's a table of his insider buys. Looks like he's made purchases on the open market as high as 13-14 dollars and most recently in the 4.30-4.50 range. It should be noted that his most recent purchase were also much higher in share count than his previous purchases.

  3. Well this is a really good sign that Noto is buying again, but also likely means no major news coming up to act as a catalyst. Insiders even in open windows are not allowed to buy/sell if they have material non public information.

  4. That's fine, because over the past year we've looked forward to catalysts to get this stock moving and all we've seen are pop and fades. Maybe this is what we need, improving macro conditions with respect to slowing down rate hikes and SOFI just putting their heads down and executing with hopefully a good next earnings report.

  5. I appreciate the Big 3 flair, with posters of the Big 4 🙃

  6. How did this thread become a referendum on Noto's ability to lead or whether he should be doing his podcast or not?

  7. As a justification for getting a succession plan in place, not to replace him. To illustrate the fact that some investors, justified or not, have legitimate concerns about Noto's leadership.

  8. I checked this morning to get a quote for homeowner's insurance for a second property I have in Florida. It went like this:

  9. And yes, I know that the FL insurance market has some issues. I'm just talking about the general usability - too many clicks - and not-easy-to-use process.

  10. Yes, we all are. In good news, I just got approved for options on SOFI. So now I can lose even more money!

  11. Or it makes them an acquisition target at a premium.

  12. At what premium? A 30% premium at today’s stock price of $4.40 would be $5.72. 80% of investors would still be underwater.

  13. You only care about the stock price

  14. Lessens chance of acquisition since they would likely pay some part in stock. Lower stock = less purchasing power. Honestly probably good for us in that respect.

  15. I'm one of those "tennis parents," and my 7-year-old is starting to play tennis and get competitive. He's played in three tournaments so far, and won one of them. He's been playing for around six months. He's also playing soccer, albeit much more recreationally.

  16. This should be bullish, because irregardless of the outcome the payments will resume in 60 days…

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