1. I really wish I wasn't shit at art. This sounds like a great moment to memorialize into art.

  2. Lol after three different prompts, here’s what the AI came up with.

  3. "Do you think, that in Da Vinci's the Last Supper, Jesus of Nazareth is sitting in front of a Turkey?"

  4. I don't know how to be feminine, it feels like trying to wear someone else's skin. I admire and respect the feminine aspects of others, but definitely don't have the means to express mine.

  5. I don't think it means purposely being feminine. I see it as “Men order steak not salad” “ I don't use lotion, I'm not gay!”.

  6. I don't care enough to solve or fight anything, I just don't care. I'd rather do some sort of craft or a puzzle.

  7. I never realized cats were witches until I read this.

  8. I really go back and forth on if I think she genuinely believes she's helping OR if she knows that she is scamming, but simply doesn't care. I get different impressions at different times.

  9. “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

  10. "Spooked in" is killing me. She has a habit of mixing up (and/or misunderstanding) idioms--"dry bones", "dead meat tired", "A-Z" etc.

  11. Can anyone guess how tall they are? (Assuming they’re not levitating)

  12. Stretch, you can feel every muscle. It’s very relaxing.

  13. I do find it very easy to stay cheerful but every once in awhile you get those really bad highs or you don't even panic or anything you just get really into your thoughts.

  14. One time I thought I was going to think myself out of existence .

  15. When I was going through PPD I had intrusive thoughts of hurting my baby (which terrified me), and often thought about just running my car off the road and ending things. It was a horrible time in my life. I loved my baby, and fortunately I had an amazing therapist to help me through it. Getting out of that abusive relationship with my ex-husband went a long way, as well.

  16. Hugs. I had intrusive thoughts as well, it’s a nightmare. I still get them but they don’t send me in to tears anymore. Medication and CBT has really helped.

  17. Napoleon Dynamite .. I just don’t get the hype . I remember reaching a point where the plot had seemed to have wrapped up and I was pumped it was finally over and then it kept going ..

  18. God I hate everything about that movie. I hate thinking about it and I hate being reminded about it. I can understand why some people like it, but it’s not my thing.

  19. I mean this is nice and all, but where can I park my f-250 which consumes 2 T-rex's per 100km's?

  20. He was helping me with my calculus homework. Once he started explaining inverse integrals. Without thinking about it, a voice in my head said “I’m going to marry him”. It was very strange.

  21. 'I'll be logging on once in the morning and once in the evening - I will be online for six hours each time'.

  22. Don’t forget these hits! Thigh gap. Bra snapping (at least I hope that is not happening anymore). The mainstreaming of “pickup artists”. The bachelor, where a man gets his “pick of the litter” after sampling every woman and judging her extensively. And Facebook created to rank classmates by hotness.

  23. Damn! I completely forgot about bra snapping! I think I remember them doing it when I was in middle school.

  24. I have OCD with intrusive thoughts that I was couldn’t verbally express to my therapist, because I was so ashamed and repulsed by them. When I get them, I hyper focus on my breathing, inhale 4 counts exhale 8 counts. I also ground myself. Which means, becoming aware of my surroundings. I’ll even say it out loud, “black table, soft chair, birds chirping outside”. Usually my thoughts start drifting off to something else. I still get them occasionally but not like I used to.

  25. It’s so strange to see other people react the same way. A month after my grandma died I rewatched just because I liked it, but once “Proud Corazon” came on I couldn’t stop the tears for 30 mins. I didn’t even cry that much around her passing. I always think of her hearing that song.

  26. Poopy diapers need to be emptied in the toilet, then you throw away the diapers.

  27. This is a myth that seems to circulate periodically in pro-cloth-diaper spaces.

  28. I retract my comment. I could have sworn the diaper box said it’s the law to throw it in the toilet, however I just checked my box it only says to dispose in the toilet, but doesn’t say it’s illegal.

  29. Who doesn’t love a soft, girthy chode of a pickle in a bag full of brine. (I’m a Texan - that’s what they are.)

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