1. I envy OP if thats all that keeps you up at night.

  2. I’m still laughing every time I see this photo 😂

  3. "This is some party. If it gets any livelier, a funeral's gonna break out!

  4. “I’m telling you it’s mighty nice! Each trips a trip to paradise!”

  5. I’m surprised he didn’t try blaming this on his percodan addiction.

  6. "You may have those silver feet . . . . but I've got these gold fingers!"

  7. Did it ever bug anyone that Domon yells this hand of mine is burning red every episode, but only his hand glows red while Shining Gundam glowed green?

  8. Bro, Char doesn't carry a pistol, he carries a rifle like a sword. Lol.

  9. He’s a 15yr old teen meeting his nemesis for the first time dace to face, who just helped him get out of a literal jam.

  10. The closest we got was zeonography figures for the Galbaldy A. Don’t think the other Pezun suits were every made into plastic form

  11. Oh yes my mistake. Forgotten about the Act Zak. There were a bunch of HG Origins kits of that too OP

  12. Mayday from the Badbatch is a pretty good character.

  13. I heart a rumor that he is a Char!

  14. I think you’re confusing him for someone who’s never betrayed anybody!

  15. You need a 1/100 Char’s Zaku II for sure. I’d also vote for a Shiki and Rick Dias.

  16. I see you’ve found a new way to peg your balls on display

  17. His rant about being punished for drinking on the bus strangely resonated. Oy bruv it's water, relax. You've got your own bottle too, I can see it.

  18. You’re not the only one buying groceries from a failure….

  19. we've got so little to go on, I don't have an opinion yet. hoping for the best.

  20. Do we know anything more about the story since announcement other than its UC based?

  21. I think it’s one of the most unique and beautiful suits but we’ve only seen it piloted officially by one of the biggest douches in the franchise?

  22. Siege Shockwave really? Never seen him other than the time I bought it.

  23. The new Treehouse of Horror 33 was actually pretty good. The Deathnote and Simpsonworld bits were great!

  24. Delta Plus cuz its a refined transforming Shiki based off Delta Gundam usibg data from Zeta.

  25. Does Jacques have to get a new VA too cuz Albert Brooks isn’t French?

  26. For me it's the pod race. Never got the hate for phantom menace or how jar jar ruined it, because the pod race alone redeems it.. it just feels so trench run, so star wars. And yes there are definitely many other things that feel very star wars that clone wars and after doesn't quite have. Also I've always thought linguistically, "the Phantom Menace" is a badass name for an episode 1 prequel.

  27. Pod race was too much. Rest is fine. Extension cord attached to Amidala’s dress and all!

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