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  1. Yes there’s two parts to that actually. I believe the Coriolis effect is not strong enough to work on small bodies of water. The second part of the answer is that our toilets don’t have a bowl filled with water, just a small water seal at the bottom - source - I’m an Aussie plumber who has also plumbed in the states.

  2. Homer, I won't make fun, but I will tell you that there are better things in life than seeing a man get hit in the groin with a football.

  3. But football in the groin had a football in the groin.

  4. I've been going to tfw2005 for along time now. Enjoy posting my collection and sharing customs to share with other TF fans, but OP is 100% correct.

  5. gArgghh… I’m in a lot of trouble now… HEY! I’ll give you a 100 bucks to take the blame!

  6. Karate was developed from Gung fu. It was originally called Tang dii (Chinese hand)

  7. Thats alright. I respect your decision to be arrogant.

  8. Bolognium. It’s atomic weight is ‘delicious’, but ‘snacktacular’ is also acceptable.

  9. RIP. Childhood hero that taught me right from wrong. His voice will live on in the beautiful works of art he has left behind.

  10. I'll take this communist one too!

  11. Grizzly bear underwear, turtlenecks, I've got my share....

  12. I sure wish someone would give me a banana cream pie!

  13. Would you get any warranty from the dealer for a used vehicle? They offer a third party warranty plan or dealer. I live in Canada. Only concern really is rust from snow and salt.

  14. That’s way too much for the 13. I paid 17000 CAD (13000 USD) for my 2012 EXL AWD with 80k KMs (50k miles)

  15. When’d you get it? Was it private or at a dealer?

  16. Waiting for mods to flag this cuz it didnt have SxxExx flair but used an image for a screenshot.

  17. You won’t find our faces On dollars or on cents!

  18. There’s Taylor, there’s Tyler, there’s Filmore and there’s Hayes,

  19. How feeble is your washing machine if it gets overburdened by one item if clothing?

  20. Lol its a new whirlpool that came with my place.

  21. Are you washing your dogi by itself in a top-loading machine?

  22. Hows he pay for that Mansion, two cars and still manage to have lobster for dinner?

  23. I got my 2012 EXL AWD with 80k kms for 17k CAD this March 2022. This is wayyyy too much.

  24. Agreed. Kbb shows no more than $14k for this mileage. Is it worth buying a vehicle at 254k KM even if the carfax are clean?

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