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  1. I love the tough guy celebrations, like dude you didn't win a fight, someone stood there and let you smack them right on the button. Nice job you did it bud.

  2. Oh damn dude nice work, hopefully I'm well on my way to that!

  3. This meme is so annoying and it's the first time I ever laid eyes on it.

  4. It's not automatically programmed into someones brain when a person decides they are they, though.

  5. Yo something is seriously wrong with you. You’re honestly thinking of going to petco and wasting your money on lizards to put in a rice cooker? Wtf, just capture them from outside. It’s free!

  6. What if they live in Ohio where there's no lizards? Some of us have to go to Petco for our rice cooker lizards.

  7. The oil? Hash rosin. The coil? Hash rosin? The outer glass? Actually, hash rosin.

  8. “At least” is doing a lot of heavy lifting there. They had competitions to be the heaviest.

  9. I love when people flip off the whole crowd that's booing them. Like they could just stampede and trample her if they wanted and she's still standing there with her middle fingers up. Get real.

  10. I just made this one myself in the bread maker, came out fine.

  11. This is awesome, thank you! It seems like people enjoy this King Arthur recipe best so that's what I'm going to try first.

  12. I have an older Breadman. I think Hamilton Beach is well-regarded - I see lots of people here say it works really well!

  13. I liked it, it wasn't the best thing ever but it certainly wasn't bad at all.

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